Mob Action Against the State: Haymarket Remembered

This book was published in 1987 and covers the 1986 "Haymarket Remembered" anarchist gathering in Chicago, IL. It was the first in a series of anarchist gatherings held in the 1980s.

From the intro:

"The idea for this book was as spontaneous as most of the Haymarket Anarchist gathering itself. The difficult part has been the more tedious aspect of organizing it and getting ourselves motivated after periods of inactivity concerning the compilation of the materials. It has been a year since the Haymarket gathering in Chicago and our goal was to have the book ready for the second gathering to be held in Minneapolis in l987. Deadlines are such motivators even for anarchists.
Our final decision to drastically cut many of the contributions due to the amount of material we received may not meet with much approval, but we hope the book will stand on its own. We think it does. We tried to include something from everyone, but again that was not always accomplished due to many repetitious accounts. We also decided to include sections which required that we put bits and pieces of accounts in different areas of the book. This was done to give a sense of continuity to the work in terms of chronology. At the same time, we tried to include various accounts and experiences in their entirety in order to maintain the personal experiences that people had in a more individualistic way. We hope that this method helps to construct an historical picture that is built from many points of view rather than one person's vision of an historical event. Anarchy has had enough of the singular historian's biases.
We had over 70 contributors to this book and about half that many contributing various sums of money to the project. Our decision to only include first names or pseudonyms was not intended to slight anyone; it was meant to maintain a flavor of anarchism that does not glorify heroes, leaders or personalities. It is the same with the people who contributed money to the project. $l00 was as important as those who sent only their best wishes to the project and the deletion of names merely reflects that belief.
We present this book in the spirit of the convention: anarchy in action. The historical importance of this little compilation remains to be seen. The events of Haymarket '86, however, are important for all of us to consider if we are to build a viable revolutionary movement here in the U.S."

Mob Action Cover
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