Mayday Mayday: Invasion of the Climate Snatchers....

05/01/2008 - 00:00
05/01/2008 - 23:59


Mayday Mayday: Invasion of the Climate Snatchers....

As climate change rises up the political agenda, the same corporations
that are largely responsible for the problem are attempting to dominate
the mainstream debate about the solutions, in the hope to maintain the
economic status quo.

A huge number of techno-fixes are forming a new economic sector: from
biofuels to nuclear power, carbon-trading to hydrogen fuel cells, dumping
urine in the ocean to carbon capture and storage. Everywhere corporations
are seeking the elusive elixir which allows to continue business as usual.

All of these technologies are a distraction from the real solution to the
problems we face: a massive reduction in our consumption and the end to
economic growth.

What's wrong with these technologies?

* A lot of these technologies won't be ready in time to save the climate
* Many actually increase carbon emissions
* Some rely on a different non-renewable resource
* Many have massive environmental impacts
* None of them can provide us with the amount of energy we currently use
* Many will perpetuate problems of social injustice

On May 1st, international workers day, lets challenge these false
solutions to climate chaos and show the real solution: far-reaching social
change, and reduction in consumption.

For lots of resources and on taking climate action and contact details for
your nearest climate action group see

See also for Fossil Fools Day, which is
happening on 1 April around the world.