Marxism and Native Americans edited by Ward Churchill

In a unique format of intellectual challenge and counter-challenge prominent Native Americans and Marxists debate the viability of Marxism and the prevalence of ethnocentric bias in politics, culture, and social theory. The authors examine the status of Western notions of "progress" and "development" in the context of the practical realities faced by American Indians in their ongoing struggle for justice and self-determination. This dialogue offers critical insights into the nature of ecological awareness and dialectics and into the possibility of constructing a social theory that can move beyond political dogmas.

PREFACE: Natural To Synthetic And Back Again by Winona LaDuke
INTRODUCTION: Journeying Toward A Debate by Ward Churchill
1. The Same Old Song by Russell Means
2. Searching for a Second Harvest by The RCP
3. The Same Old Song In Sad Refrain by Ward Churchill with Dora-Lee Larson
4. Marx's General Cultural Theoretics by Elisabeth Lloyd
5. Culture and Personhood by Robert B. Sipe
6. Circling the Same Old Rock BY Vine Deloria Jr.
7. Observations on Marxism and Lakota Tradition by Frank Black Elk
8. Marx Versus Marxism by Bill Tabb
9. Reds Versus Redskins by Phil Heiple
10. Marxism and the Native American by Ward Churchill

Marxism and Native Americans
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