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Luigis mansion 2 3DS

Luigi's Mansion 2, known as Luigi Mansion 2 (ルイージマンション2 Ruīji Manshon 2?) in Japan, is an upcoming video game currently being developed by Next Level Games for the Nintendo 3DS, and is the sequel to the 2001 game Luigi's Mansion. It was announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 during the Nintendo press conference on June 7, 2011.[5]Development of the game started in late 2010, with Shigeru Miyamoto overseeing the production.[6] Miyamoto stated that he chose to work on the sequel simply because he "wanted to" after using the original game to test the hardware of the Nintendo 3DS.[7] The original game for the Gamecube was tested for 3D effects, but this was later scrapped. This may have been a contributing factor for making a sequel that does support 3D effects
here's an Interview for "Luigi's mansion 2" from Krysta Yang in her own words atG4!

"Hi G4 it's Krysta from "Nintendo", I'm here talking about "Luigi's Mansion 2",on "Nintendo 3DS", this is actually a brand new game. So "Luigi's Mansion" first came out on "Nintendo Gamecube" back in the day, but now hes back in the "Nintendo 3DS" as a brand new game. There is a mansion, there's ghosts in the mansion, Luigi's back and he has to get those ghosts out of the mansion.
So he starts out the game by meeting Professor E. Gadd, which give him the poltergeist 5000 and a flashlight with a stroke function. So he has to go through the different rooms in the mansion and get rid of those ghosts. Its a great Adventure & Puzzle(strategy)game at the same time.
So we have touchscreen functionality with it, we have some telescope controls as well for looking around . Of course the 3-D graphics really change the way the game is played, it allows you to have a'lot more puzzle elements, a'lot more secrets to discover, so that makes it really immersive and a'lot of fun. So a'lot of the elements are similar, we still have similar characters, obviously Luigi is the star and his personality is really the star of Luigi's mansion, and of course you have a mansion full of ghosts, but other than that, all the puzzles are the rooms of the mansion that your going through, all the other game play elements are brand new, and it really takes advantage of the 3-D graphics and the digital 3DS hardware.
There's a'lot more puzzles to solve, and again the 3D graphics makes it really interesting because it allows you to be able to do a'lot more puzzles as well because of the graphic, you know elements. So that makes it really fun, and Luigi, you know, hes back, hes the star again for his game, and that's always fun to see him be the star, hes the Underdog, so we like to see him as the star again.
So Luigi's Mansion 2 comes out in twenty-twelve(2012), on the Nintendo 3DS"

Luigi's Mansion 2 i believe is to come out on nintendo 3DS and Wii, but im not sure about wii.

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