Pink and Black Attack #1


This is the first issue of the new queer anarchist periodical Pink and Black Attack. Enjoy!

Fire to the Prisons #5


Fire to the Prisons #5
An insurrectionary anarchist quarterly publication.

Anarchist News Letter - ATubes Feburary 2009


To commemorate the exciting developments at Anarchist News and in anarchodom around the world we have created a static page for the Anarchist News newsletter ATubes. The latest and greatest ATubes will always be there. Check out This months issue.  read more »

New School Occupation, The


The New School Occupation: perspectives on the takeover of a building, or, why do student organizers bother to get out of bed in the morning? Anti-democratic reflections on the recent New School occupation, a case study of occupation as non-event, and seven points on occupation.

See also "Preoccupied" on this site, for more writings coming out of this occurrence.



This short zine is a primer to the idea of Post-Civilization.

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Post-Civ! A Deeper Exploration


This zine explores at length the idea of Post-Civilization. This is a very new theory that is a third alternative in the Primtive vs. Civilized debate. By challenging traditional pro-civilization forms of anarchism and the negative points of primitivist thought and pre-state societies, post-civ theory aims for a society that incorporates the good and does away with the bad in all previous social forms.
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Manifiestos y comunicados del movimiento revolucionario 26 de julio en Cuba


Manifiestos y comunicados escrito por el Movimiento 26 de Julio Cubano, encabezado por Fidel Castro, que derroco la dictadura de Batista en 1959. Importante para entender las condiciones que han llevado a la dictadura comunista estatal que existe hoy en dia.

Manifestos and communiques written by the July 26 Movement, headed by Fidel Castro, which overthrew the dictatorship of Batista in 1959. Important for understanding the conditions that have led to the current state-communist dictatorship in Cuba.

Anarchism, or the Revolutionary Movement of the 21st Century, by Graeber and Grubacic


David Graeber and Andrej Grubacic's essay "Anarchism, or the Revolutionary Movement of the 21st Century", addressing changes in anarchist philosophy and praxis commencing with the anti-globalization movement.

Zialiony kraj Зялёны край №1/1999


Укладаньне, рэдактура й карэктура Максіма Капрана
Выданьне падрыхтавана Творчым цэнтрам "Фракцыя Клёк" у рамках праграмы "Экаінформ"
Менск, 1999
А5, 24 с.

- Навіны
- Что такое "Марш парков"
- Экспэдыцыя "Дзеці Зямлі"
- Марш "За бязатамную Беларусь"

Their Passed-away Builders: The "Credit Crunch"


Written from a situationist perspective, the text examines the collapse of the neo-liberal variant of capitalism as a moment of choice. It looks at some of the factors that have bred submission to neo-liberalism, some of the mystifications that are now arising about the 'credit crunch', and some of the capitalist ideologies that may come to succeed neo-liberalism. It poses the question of who is to make the choice now before us: them or us?

Society of the Spectacle


A new reprint of Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle. Now made with a fancy hipster design for all your aesthetic needs.

From the Institute for Experimental Freedom

L'insurrection qui vient




“The youth are waiting, day after day. They wait for their time; as do the workers, even the old. They all wait, those who are discontented and those who reflect. They are waiting for a force to arise, something they will be part of; a kind of new international that will not make the same mistakes as the previous ones. They wait for a chance to get rid of the past once and for all – for something new to begin.


by the Invisible Committee

Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation


Account of the New School occupation in New York.

The Twilight of Vanguardism, by David Graeber


"The Twilight of Vanguardism" by David Graeber, analysis of Marxism and Anarchism--particularly authoritarian Marxism--and why there are so few Anarchists in the academy.

La Comandanta


Recopilacion de escritos referente a Comandanta Ramona del EZLN: La ley revolucionaria de mujeres; un entrevista con la comandanta; y algunos obituarios y elogios sobre la comandanta despues de su muerte. En espanol.

Collection of articles pertaining to Comandanta Ramona of the EZLN: The Revolutionary Law of Women; an interview with the comandanta; and a few obituaries and eulogies about her. In Spanish.

Dismantling the Boy's Club


Dismantling the Boy's Club - Towards the Destruction of Patriarchy

It's about male-bodied folks (but not exclusively) role in destroying patriarchy and the oppressive gender dualism of our capitalist society.

ABC's of "Fuck Myspace", The

fuck myspace.jpg

The ABC's of "Fuck Myspace"

Essay about DIY Punk culture and reliance on capitalist technology. This was once a zine, but we couldn't find hard copies or pdf files, so we reformatted it for yall to enjoy.

Where We Stand by Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA)


April 16, 2008

Escritos escogidos de Ricardo Flores Magon


Escritos escogidos de Ricardo Flores Magon, anarquista indigena de Oaxaca, Mexico, y escritor revolucionario, que dijo "Tierra y libertad" aun antes de Zapata y empezo la Revolucion Mexicana. (en espanol)

Selected writings of Ricardo Flores Magon, indigenous anarchist from Oaxaca, Mexico, and revolutionary author, who began wrote "Tierra y libertad" before Zapata made it popular, and who is responsible for the Mexican Revolution. (in Spanish)

Industrial Society and Its Future: The Unabomber Manifesto


Ted Kaczynski's magnum opus, Industrial Society and Its Future, also titled The Unabomber's Manifesto. Discusses the failure of industrial civilization, rejects orthodox leftism, and provides a background for Kaczynski's bombing campaign.

On The Phenomenology of Giant Puppets by David Graeber


David Graeber analyzes protester and police culture through giant puppets.

Sadness of Post-Workerism,The by David Graeber


David Graeber gives an anthropological and anarchist review of the Italian Post-Workerist theoretical outlook.

Wreck of the Sea Venture, The


Ship wrecks, class struggle in the New World, anarcho-primitivism in the 1600s, utopia realized. Excerpted from The Many-Headed Hydra by Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker.

“What hath a more adamantine power to draw unto it the consent and attraction of the idle, untoward, and wretched number of the many than liberty and fullness of sensuality?”

Pacifism as Pathology


Pacifism, the ideology of nonviolent political resistance, has been the norm among mainstream North American progressive groups for decades. But to what end?  read more »

Grassroots Political Militants


French cities burst back into flames after President Sarkozy’s election on a ‘clean the scum off the streets with a high-pressure hose’ ticket. It won’t be the last time, as long as the factors necessitating the mass revolt of November 2005 remain in place, in France and elsewhere. This text, based on Emilio Quadrelli’s interviews in the Paris banlieues during and after the 2005 events, overthrows the whole spectrum of slurs against the racialised, pathologised racaille.  read more »

Italian Anarchists Under Attack


Freedom for all
Burn the Prisons

Feb. 2006 Berlin

Uproot Newsletter OCT 08


Hey Uproot Collective is a spokescouncil of affinity groups in Fort Collins, CO.
This is the sort-of-monthly newsletter put out by Russell and Josh with contributions from anyone. Bear with us while we figure things out- they will get better over time!  read more »

Erinyen #2

Erinyen #2

Second issue of the anarcha-feminist journal Erinyen.

- Hallowed be Thy name - religion, state and abortion rights
- Gender heteropatriarchy? Or whats the underlying cause
- Sexualized violence against women in war and conflict
-(th)inspiration - pro-anorexia internet sides
- Thoughts about community support around intimate violence
- First Gay Pride parade in Bulgaria
- Tittle - tattle or gossip and rumour
- Images in my mind
- This ain´t a love story! The scene is just a bad joke
- Your silence will not protect you - autonomy takes responsibility  read more »

Anarchist News Letter - ATubes January 2009


Anarchist News ( will continue to be a non-sectarian source for news about and of concern to anarchists. As part of our mission we have concern that the most recent news about what truly is a world wide anarchist resurgence is being limited to the Internet. As part of our effort to bringing anarchist news we are now providing a monthly recap of anarchist news that has passed through our wire and offering it to you for printing and distribution.  read more »

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