A week issue 1


this is a zine about The social hierachy and other important things about middle school

how to public transit: vancouver bc to portland or


tiny color one page (front and back) zine on taking public buses to travel up/down western washington connecting vancouver bc & portland or * includes times maps directions prices alternative routes ~ enjoy

self sufficiency pamphlet, a common guide for living


~an info packed guide on housing water food health & other random stuff * living as though the system is down & falling~

Sticks and Stones #1


Sticks and Stones seeks to provide a mouthpiece as well as a forum for the Santa Cruz radical community—a means of communicating among ourselves, and with the general public as well, on topics of personal and social concern. We are interested in publishing essays, articles, rants, and visions of all kinds which come from this community and this region. We are interested in words that are not content to sit still on the page, but can jump off of it to set the world on fire!  read more »

Ako si skrášliť ulicu


Fajnový zin ešte zo starších rokov o oslobodzovaní mysle od všadeprítomnej reklamy. Pretváranie bilboardov, graffity a pod.

Revolutionary Autonmous Communites


2 - Revolutionary Autonomous Communities - Who We Are, What we believe, What we Fight for

3 - Cop Whatch Los Angeles GC check-a-pig (WWW.COPWATCHLA.ORG 877 8 NO COPS)

4 - Know Your Food, Know You

5 - Editorial

6 - The System Is The Trouble!

7 - Links / Ressources

Link that works: http://la.indymedia.org/uploads/2009/02/rac_zine_final2.pdf

Anarcho Syndicalism by Rudolf Rocker


Principles, Proposition, and Discussions

For Land and Freedom

Green Anarchy Magazine

What Is Anarchism an Introduction with Donald Rooum

What is AnarchismAnIntroductionDonaldRooum-1.jpg

with other writers

Little Red Songbook, The


by the IWW

Russian anarchists, The

Shadowliving Tactical Manual


By Daniel Santiago, originally published by Lulu Press  read more »

Viasiolka Вясёлка №5 1999


Газета группы "Экосопротивление"
А4, 16 с.

В номере:
- Спасибо за свет в новых онкологических клиниках! (медицинские последствия Чернобыльской катастрофы);
- Урбанистическая экосистема;
- Мы - дети атомного века (выдержки из книги Хелен Кэлдикотт "Ядерное безумие");
- Город красных глаз - Амстердам  read more »

Viasiolka Вясёлка №3-4 зіма 1998-99


Газэта экалягічнага руху Беларусі "Экасупраціўленьне"
А4, 16 с.

Несмотря на беларускамоўную "шапку", все материалы на русском.
В номере:
- 10-летний мораторий на строительство АЭС в Беларуси;
- Украина: противостояние ядерным проектам и репрессии против экологических активистов;
- Глобализация и сопротивление;  read more »

CrimethInc: C is for Capitalism


An excellent, easily understandable explanation of why capitalism makes both rich and poor people miserable. Includes a sketch of how non-capitalist relations might function.

Scanned and imposed from Days of War, Nights of Love - thanks to crimethinc for the original. Special thanks to www.prole.info for the last graphic. Print double sided, short edge binding. Grayscale, 7 sheets total. Created on February 9, 2009.


Continual War


http://zinelibrary.info/files/ContinualWar_Final.pdf (7.01 mb)

Continual War is a biannual anonymous publication focused on the recent attacks in the Northwest and across the West Coast. It will be coming out every six months. This biannual list of attacks is a time of laborious joy. Gathering communiques from online, reading newspaper articles and checking up to date anarchist sites for recent attacks.  read more »

Hipsters of the World! We are so Fucking Boring! (excerpt from Fire to the Prisons #4)


This is a redesign of an excerpt of Fire to the Prisons #4. For pleasure fun and subversion.

Transgender Herb Garden, The


This is a guerilla herb gardening guide for MtFs so we won’t need to rely on corporate pharmaceuticals.

Pink and Black Attack #1


This is the first issue of the new queer anarchist periodical Pink and Black Attack. Enjoy!

Fire to the Prisons #5


Fire to the Prisons #5
An insurrectionary anarchist quarterly publication.

Anarchist News Letter - ATubes Feburary 2009


To commemorate the exciting developments at Anarchist News and in anarchodom around the world we have created a static page for the Anarchist News newsletter ATubes. The latest and greatest ATubes will always be there. Check out This months issue.  read more »

New School Occupation, The


The New School Occupation: perspectives on the takeover of a building, or, why do student organizers bother to get out of bed in the morning? Anti-democratic reflections on the recent New School occupation, a case study of occupation as non-event, and seven points on occupation.

See also "Preoccupied" on this site, for more writings coming out of this occurrence.



This short zine is a primer to the idea of Post-Civilization.

Please visit tangledwilderness.org for more free zines and music.

Post-Civ! A Deeper Exploration


This zine explores at length the idea of Post-Civilization. This is a very new theory that is a third alternative in the Primtive vs. Civilized debate. By challenging traditional pro-civilization forms of anarchism and the negative points of primitivist thought and pre-state societies, post-civ theory aims for a society that incorporates the good and does away with the bad in all previous social forms.
Please visit tangledwilderness.org for more free zines and music.

Manifiestos y comunicados del movimiento revolucionario 26 de julio en Cuba


Manifiestos y comunicados escrito por el Movimiento 26 de Julio Cubano, encabezado por Fidel Castro, que derroco la dictadura de Batista en 1959. Importante para entender las condiciones que han llevado a la dictadura comunista estatal que existe hoy en dia.

Manifestos and communiques written by the July 26 Movement, headed by Fidel Castro, which overthrew the dictatorship of Batista in 1959. Important for understanding the conditions that have led to the current state-communist dictatorship in Cuba.

Anarchism, or the Revolutionary Movement of the 21st Century, by Graeber and Grubacic


David Graeber and Andrej Grubacic's essay "Anarchism, or the Revolutionary Movement of the 21st Century", addressing changes in anarchist philosophy and praxis commencing with the anti-globalization movement.

Zialiony kraj Зялёны край №1/1999


Укладаньне, рэдактура й карэктура Максіма Капрана
Выданьне падрыхтавана Творчым цэнтрам "Фракцыя Клёк" у рамках праграмы "Экаінформ"
Менск, 1999
А5, 24 с.

- Навіны
- Что такое "Марш парков"
- Экспэдыцыя "Дзеці Зямлі"
- Марш "За бязатамную Беларусь"

Their Passed-away Builders: The "Credit Crunch"


Written from a situationist perspective, the text examines the collapse of the neo-liberal variant of capitalism as a moment of choice. It looks at some of the factors that have bred submission to neo-liberalism, some of the mystifications that are now arising about the 'credit crunch', and some of the capitalist ideologies that may come to succeed neo-liberalism. It poses the question of who is to make the choice now before us: them or us?

Society of the Spectacle


A new reprint of Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle. Now made with a fancy hipster design for all your aesthetic needs.

From the Institute for Experimental Freedom

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