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(Tiqqun) Living and Wrestling.

Tiqqun- Living and Wrestling (zine)-1.jpg

Translation of Vivre-et-Lutter, by Tiqqun.

"So soon as we are identified we sound the dispersal, never letting the repression ensnare us, already reforming in some unsuspected place."

With Love,

Yadira Lopez

Ten Blows Against Politics

ten blows imposed-1.jpg

Peep this!  read more »

Oh Sit Down!

Oh sit down-1.jpg

Accounts of sitdown strikes and workplace occupations in the UK and around the world

Compiled by

Ready-Made Artist and Human Strike


Claire Fontaine is a Paris-based collective artist, founded in 2004. After lifting her name from a popular brand of school notebooks, Claire Fontaine declared herself a "readymade artist"...a whatever-singularity and an existential terrorist in search of subjective emancipation. She grows up among the ruins of the notion of authorship, experimenting with collective protocols of production, détournements, and the production of various devices for the sharing of intellectual and private property.

Claire Fontaine also has very close connections to TIQQUN.  read more »

A Reprodução da Produção - Kevin Tucker




Introduction: Something flammable, something to be broken down, made into weapons, turned into resources and shared.  read more »

This is not the Black Bloc

This is not the Black Bloc-1.jpg

This is not the Black Bloc.
By Claire Fontaine, 2007.

Navinki Навінкі №1 1998


Абсалютна незалежная газэта "Навінкі"
Серада, 25 лютага 1998

Environmentalism Has Been Recycled


The living systems which support life on earth are in serious threat due to human activity. Scientists, activists and others have spent the past half-century screaming about this to seemingly deaf ears. Now, with the multiplying consequences of climate change (not to mention the massive poisoning and irradiation of the global environment) boiling up like stormclouds from the horizon, the “inconvenient truth” has become commonplace.  read more »

True Cost of Coal: Toxic Coal Waste 101


This zine includes:
-What is Sludge?
-Slurry Impoundments and Injections
-Ingredients & Side Effects
-The Ghosts of Disasters Past
-Marsh Fork Elementary
-Coal River Mountain
-Fly Ash: Post-Combustion Coal Waste
-TVA Disaster
-Fly Ash in Massachusetts
-Other Resources

Seattle General Strike (The)



An Account of What Happened in Seattle and

Especially in the Seattle Labor Movement, During the General Strike, February 6 To 11, 1919

Printer-ready PDF (429k) file attached

Originally issued by the History Committee
of The General Strike Committee, March, 1919

Printed by The Bum Press, Charlestown, Mass, March, 1972


Reprinted by


Seattle, 2009

Piece Now, Peace Later: An Anarchist Introduction to Firearms

Pages from Piece Now - Peace Later.jpg

An (american) anarchist introduction to firearms and their use.

April Uprising -- Abolish the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund


April 24-26 2009 Washington DC

by the SDAC

Sports Action 2010


Chronology and Communiques of Anti-2010 Resistance and Direct Actions

Download at:  (8.74 mb)

Riot 2010? Riot Now!


attacking the Olympics and its project: Canada, Greece, Italy

Anti-2010 Information Against the Olympic Industry


No Olympics on Stolen Native Land

Any Time Now #27


for social anarchism

Fall 2007

Fight Speciesism! #8


Spring 2009 issue of anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news.

Articles: SHAC 7 solidarity, operation sinking ship, hunt sabbing, mink released, 'fashion' shop closed, liberationists arrested, max mara campaign, international actions, prisoner letters, police under attack, alf vs wageningen uni, prisoner support, monkeys fight back, netcu, bullring riots, aeta 4, earth liberation, mexican actions, whale wars, rioting in london and edo smashed.

Like a Winter with a Thousand Decembers


On the recent Dec. 2008 uprising in Greece.

Antyfaszyk Антыфашык №1(2) 1999


Інфармацыйны антыфашыстоўскі бюлетэнь
А4, 8 с.

- Антыфашыстоўскія навіны.
- Моладзевыя субкультуры і антыфашызм.
- Нараджэньне антыфашыстоўскай самаабароны - Гомель, 1903-1905 гады.

Vasil Firchold Васіль Фірхольд "Я - дзеўка"


Фірхольд, Васіль.
Я - дзеўка: Вершы.
Менск: Самвыдат, 2002.
27 с.
Малюнкі Касі Гвалцёнак.

Паэт адкрыта грамадзянскага, страсна публіцыстычнага пафасу, будучы ляўрэат Нобэлеўскай прэміі Васіль Фірхольд кранае душы шматлікіх чытачоў глыбока прачулым словам пра самае інтымна-запаветнае ў чалавеку.  read more »

Viasiolka Вясёлка №1 жнівень 1998


Газэта экалягічнага руху Беларусі "Экасупраціўленьне"
А4, 12 с.

Несмотря на беларускамоўную "шапку", почти все материалы на русском.
В номере:
- Антиатомный проект "Вясёлка" представляет себя;
- АЭС и другие источники энергии;
- Альтернативы развития;
- Образ жизни и самосознание - статья от вокалиста "Колеса дхармы" Панча;  read more »

Jean Baudrillard- "Strike Story"


An assemblage of some of Jean's earlier writings (early 1970's), most of which appeared in the Utopie journal.
Utopia, Subversion, Striking for the sake of it....
Hope you enjoy.


Yadira Lopez

WilderPress! Issue Zero (Call for Submissions)


This is the Call for Submissions for WilderPress!

Issue #1 PDF forthcoming...

Orifice #3


Orifice began as a means to destroy certain practices of producing and distributing zines in certain cities of North Carolina. Meant to be printed in large quantities and left in obscure locals, never sold, and entirely anonymous.
Violent rhetoric and obscurity characterize this anti-art work.
Kind or blasphemous words, suggestions and submissions are always welcome.
Find a printer at the school nearby in which one can print this for free, leave copies in the cracks of buildings, toilet stalls, or in your bag for reading.
Full page print, with three staples down the left side.

Love,  read more »

Intersections #3


Common Action announces the third issue of our quarterly newsletter Intersections. Schools, coffee houses, factories and movie theaters from an anarchist perspective - straight to your neighborhood coffee shop, laundromat, bus stop, you name it!

This issue's contents include:

* Special Ed Forced Labor in Puget Sound Schools
by Jeff Berryhill and Brooke Stepp
* Not Just Strong Coffee, Coffee Strong!
Interview with GI Coffee House organizer Joshua Simpson
by Christa Kilduff
* The Blame Games Against Workers:
Bailouts, the Big Three, and the UAW  read more »

Intersections #2


Common Action announces the second issue of our newsletter Intersections. Whether its government bailouts, busses, or baseball, our newsletter strives to bring anarchist ideas to community and neighborhood issues. We hope you enjoy it!

This issue's contents include:

* Economic Rescue From the Bottom Up
by Greg A.
* Economic Crisis: Anarchist Solutions from Mexico
by Joshua Neuhouser
* WASL Fight Heats Up
by Sylvia Jones
* Portland, OR: No to High Bus Fares
by Brandon Feld
* Big Money, Bad Baseball
by Andrew Hedden  read more »

Postscript On Societies of Control by Gilles Deleuze


"Foucault located the disciplinary societies in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; they reach their height at the outset of the twentieth. They initiate the organization of vast spaces of enclosure. The individual never ceases passing from one closed environment to another, each having its own laws: first the family; then the school (”you are no longer in your family”); then the barracks (”you are no longer at school”); then the factory; from time to time the hospital; possibly the prison, the preeminent instance of the enclosed environment.  read more »

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