Pink and Black Attack #2

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Here's the typo-free version of PINK AND BLACK ATTACK 2! Hope you all enjoy!

Steal This Book Today


A modern survival guide

Vol. 1 2008

Download at: (21.1 mb)

525 pages

ABCs of Political Economy, The by Robin Hahnel

"I can think of no better advice than to read this book...It is a contribution of very great value." -- Noam Chomsky

"Robin Hahnel writes with clarity, originality, verve and a relentless moral passion." -- Robert Pollin, Professor of Economics and Co-Director, Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts

"[Hahnel] combines clear exposition and mathematical illustration with a compelling passion for progressive social change." -- Nancy Folbre, Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts  read more »

What to Do When Someone Tells You that You Committed (Sexual) Assault

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The official title is: What to Do When Someone Tells you that you violated their boundaries, made them feel uncomfortable, or committed assault.

A trifold pamphlet that lists steps that people who've been called out for sexual assault should take.

Non Fides N°3


Number 3 from this central insurrectionnary anarchist publication from France. They have texts in multiple langages on their website:

The zine is downloadable from this adress: (49.5 mb)

They need translators for French to English as they say on their website, so get in touch with em if you wanna help.

Great read.

SDS News Bulliten #7


The SDS News Bulletin is the growing national publication of Students for a Democratic Society. We intend for this publication to be an accessible and popular vehicle for SDS members and chapters to communicate, coordinate actions, share information and ideas, and inspire one another in our struggles.

Past issues have included reportbacks from actions, conventions, and chapters, book reviews, songs, photos, poetry, how-to articles, editorials, essays, and resources. Issue #7 includes articles on Collective Liberation, Student Power for Accessible Education and Chapter Reportbacks!

Prescription for Change: Community Response to Substance Use

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This is an excellent zine talking about addiction, from all sorts of perspectives. It goes into the author's own experiences with addiction and kicking a heroin habit and most importantly talks about how communities can respond to someone struggling with addiction in a way that is helpful and non-judgmental. (Along the way, it offers radical/anarchist critiques of AA and 12-step programs, the moralism often attached to other people's substance use, and lots of other things.) Chock fulla insights and one fine zine.



A new laying-out of the infamous text the French government described as a "handbook for insurrection."

(This one requires about half as much paper as the pdf on the site.)

Solidarity & Revolt Across Borders


Letters from prisoners, solidarity statements and action chronologies from France and other countries (January 2008 to March 2009).

Long live solidarity with undocumented immigrants!!!
Freedom for Bruno, Ivan and the others!!!

Ladders and Hips: An Open Letter to the Boys in My Life


A zine on self-injury, eating disorders, and sexualized violence. This zine lays open the author's struggle with internalized sexism by looking at the ways patriarchy has manifested itself in the author's body. Other articles connect her personal experiences with a broader, intersectional exploration of power within activist and punkrock communities she both embraces and attempts to hold accountable.

TRIGGER WARNING: this zine deals explicitly with self injury, eating disorders, and sexual assault. read with care.

UTOPIA//EMERGENCY: a bulletin from the ongoing revolution against everything


Dropping it fresh for May Day '09, UTOPIA//EMERGENCY is a sort of (highly subjective) "best of" compilation of analysis, essays and communiques linking insurrectionary anarchist/communist theory to ongoing practices of revolt.  read more »

Crucifixion of Marie Mason zine

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Here is a link to the zine format of the article Between Orwell and McCarthy: the Crucifixion of Marie Mason by Henry Reed from Fifth Estate that has an “about marie” and “about the green scare” on the inside from cover and instructions for writing to marie on the back cover. Another zine that will include her poems and drawings is in the works.  read more »

Locked up


Papa Alfredo's writings on prisons and their destruction.

Thanks to 325 collective and quiver distro.

On Failure and its Possible Remedies

On Failure and its Possible Remedies-1.jpg

In this pamphlet, the author of the texts 'Gasping from out the Shallows: Reflections on Revolution in the Early Twenty-first Century', 'On Lice and Fleas: Observations Starting from the Conflict Between Iran and the USA' and 'Their Passed-away Builders: The "Credit Crunch"') reflects on the failure of those texts to have any impact whatsoever.  read more »

University Occupations: France, Greece, NYC

occupy everything

Table of Contents

France, 1968

I. “Exemplary Character of the University Occupations” from
Worker-Student Action Committees by Fredy Perlman and Roger

II. Documents produced by the Situationist International or
groups the Situationists were involved with during May 1968
in France

France, 2006

III. Two weeks spent in Rennes

IV. An Update by the Sorbonne Occupation Committee in Exile,
Communique # 4

V. Final Communique of the Sorbonne Occupation Committee
in Exile

Greece, 2006

VI. Let the occupations become time-barricades  read more »

Liberating Ourselves in the Boudoir, An Anarchist-Feminist Perspective Against BDSM

Liberating ourselves in the boudoir, PRINT VERSION-1.jpg

This zine explores the behaviors and mindsets of BDSM, and attempts to show why BDSM is oppressive and patriarchal. One of the two files is laid out for printing, the other for reading on the computers.


Pechyvo #1

It is a literary-graphic almanac.
Languages are ukrainian, russian and english,
but the main language, by the way the oldest language of civilisation is a graphic.
You can download 10 issues at

Against Schools & The Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling

Against Schools & The Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling, PRINT VERSION-1.jpg

This zine combines two of John Taylor Gatto's articles about the oppressive nature of forced schooling. All too often among radical parents the dilemma of schooling goes unquestioned. This zine was made in hopes of combating that lack of questioning.

There are two attached documents, one laid out for printing, the other for reading on computers.

I Remember December

I Remember December

I Remember December is a chapter from a novel in progress. The untitled book, is a collection of short stories about the spirits and places that have inspired Lawrence, through the first 36 years of his life. This short, focuses on the bond between grandchild and grandparent, and the loneliness of losing someone very dear to your heart at a young age.

Bash Back! Fan Zine


Unofficial Bash Back! zine project. May 2009
BAMF! Productionz

DOC- (16.9 mb)

National Cycling Strategy and the inclusion of Women, The

The National Cycling Strategy and the inclusion of Women-1.jpg

The UK's National Cycling Strategy and the inclusion of Women

I Bike MCR Festival 2008 Reflections


The I Bike MCR Festival is an annual grassroots bike event in Manchester, UK.

This year it took place from 28th March-25th April 2008.

This zine contains some stories and quotes to give you an idea of what it was like

20 Theses on the Subversion of the Metropolis


Translator's notes: Translating these 20 theses presents difficulties not only linguistically, where there are many neologisms and lexical challenges, but above culturally mediating from a continental European political context into a distant anglophone reality. Here, and in the footnotes, are a few indications for better understanding this text.  read more »

FACE OFF...women and the beauty industry

FACE OFF-1.jpg

A zine that looks at the ways women are affected by the beauty industry and my own experiences.

Billboards In Manchester- A research project

Billboards in Manchester-1.jpg

Research results of peoples opinions of billboards in Manchester, UK

Nor-Easter Issue 1 Feb. 2008


The official quarterly of the Northeaster Anarchist Network

Comrade Kropotkin


by Victor Robinson

Against the Corpse Machine


defining a post-leftist anarchist critique of violence

by Ashen Ruins

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