Gasp #1


Harvest of Dead Elephants, The - The False Opposition of Animal Liberation


"For us, destructive rebellion against this shit society is the only thing that holds any promise of liberation. We do not want bigger cages. We want to destroy all of them entirely."

brought to by some delinquents

Every Body Is A Modified Body


Every Body Is A Modified Body Zine (June 2009)
A well-known feminist saying states “silence is violence.” For many transfolks that is not true. Often times our voices are the part of us that is not read the way we identify. For those of us who cannot afford or choose not to take hormones, we must fear being outed every time we speak.  read more »

Queer Counter-Recruitment


Be one of those queers you've heard about:
Undermine the army's ability to fight!

With the US military's growing troop shortage, recruiters are coming after queer youth. When "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is repealed it's going to get a lot worse. Queer counter-recruitment is one way to protect our communities from the military while undermining their ability to fight.

- Bash Back! Denver

Challenging the Mainstream Gay Agenda: On Marriage, Militarism and Hate Crime Laws


"Creating RADICAL Change" was produced and distributed as part of Bash Back! Denver's confrontation of the huge mainstream LGBT activist conference called "Creating Change" that was held in our city in January.

Creating Change brought to you by...
Confronting the Non-Profit Industrial Complex
Too Legit to Quit: On the NJ4
Hate the State: On Queer "Hate Crime" Laws
Calling All Queers: Desert the Military!
Gay Marriage: For and Against

- Bash Back! Denver

Militant Flamboyance: a brief history of Stonewall and other queer happenings


a zine compiled to distribute at Chicago Pride 2009. Aimed at situating Stonewall and PRIDE in a historical context, "Militant Flamboyance" explores radical queer history and how the Stonewall Riots affected a larger GLBTQ movement.

Do you want to be, or don’t you want to be...soft, like me...?


Anarchists must say what only anarchists can say
-Monsieur Dupont’s New Year Message

Councilism, Solutionism & The Communist Critique


A collection of excerpts by Frere Dupont.

Turning Modes of Production Inside Out: Or, Why Capitalism is a Transformation of Slavery by David Graeber

graeber_2006a capitalism is slavery-1.jpg

Similarities between types of rented labor: slavery and wage work, or what the term wage slave really means.

Patriarchy, Civilization, and the Origins of Gender


John Zerzan's critical essay on civilization, gender, and patriarchy.

This is Not a Love Story - Armed Struggle against the Institutions of Patriarchy


includes a herstory of the Revolutionary Cells and Rote Zora armed resistance in Germany, an interview with two anonymous members of Rote Zora, and a brief look at Direct Action and the Wimmin's Fire Brigade

Gynocracy Song


Gynocracy Song by Annie LeBrun
with an introduction by Wolfi Landstreicher

"This surrealist rebel and participant in the 1968 uprising in France explains why feminism as we know it is inadequate to women and people in general."

Tjære & Fjer nr. 1


Insurrectionary anarchist texts translated to danish

Massimo Passamani: Ord, Rettigheder og Politiet

Kellen Kass: Brug, Misbrug og Industrialisme

Wolfi Landstreicher: Teknologi og Klassekamp
325 collective: Fængsels-samfund, Reformisme og Insurrektion.

Anon: Om Retfærdig Vold.

Subversive Submissive #1


Short collection of essays on coming to terms with my submissive sexual identity, critiques of the mainstream BDSM scene, connections between my masochism and self-inflicted pain, and my struggle with "coming out" as kinky to other anarchists and feminists.

(First PDF for online reading; second is for printing.)

Words and Letters, Issue 1: A Regional Journal of Anarchist Discourse


A Midwestern regional anarchist journal, published in April 2009. Various articles of theory, strategy and personal anecdotes of a handful of rebels at war with the lower midwest. A new issue is due out any day and it packs a punch!

Revolution and/or Insurrection: Some Thoughts on Tearing This Muthafucka Down


by Kevin Tucker
originally found in Species Traitor 2 (check that shit out)

reproduced by Wormwood 2009
make total destroy

Neither Their War Nor Their Peace


Neither Their War Nor Their Peace - Against Militarism, War, and the State Monopoly on Violence

Unfinished Acts: The Oakland Rebellions


Unfinished Acts is a collective recounting and analysis of events surrounding the shooting of an unarmed 22-year-old Black man in Oakland. Oscar Grant III was executed by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officers during the first hours of 2009 on the platform of the Fruitvale station. The following pages include a few short histories of significant social movements to help contextualize the rebellions. This history acts as intermissions for a documentary dramatization (but factually correct!) of some of the events that unfolded in the streets during the first month of 2009.  read more »

Earth First Means Social War


Earth First Means Social War: Becoming an Anti-Capitalist Ecological Social Force

brought to you by some delinquents

Give Up Activism, with Postscript and The Necessity and Impossibility of Anti-Activism


A critical look at activism and the role thereof.

redesigned and new layout

Den Anarkistiske Spænding


The Anarchist tension in danish

Wandering of Humanity, The by Jacques Camatte


Original Black & Red Introduction  read more »

Politics of Fat, The


A zine about the "obesity epidemic," the medicalization of discrimination, and the effects of race, class, and capitalism on our bodies.
(There's a printable version in pdf format and a readable version in word document form.)

Anthropology and Anarchism: Their Elective Affinity By Brian Morris


A pamphlet outlining the similarities between Anthropology as an academic discipline and Anarchism. Not as fancy as David Graeber, but if you like his stuff worth looking at. Written more for Anthropologists to learn about anarchism.

(A)BC'S Mini Guide To Protesting by the Imagination Justice Front


A smaller version of the soon too come (A)BC'S Guide to Protesting. A useful guide put together by veteran activists and direct action enthusiasts and other rad folks for everyone. Provides a useful list of things to bring and things to avoid plus some really awesome links. The full version has way more info and links.  read more »

queer voices #2

queer voices2-1.jpg

this is the corrected version of qv #2. the previous one had issues with the font embedded in the pdf.

Revolution Starts At Home, The : Confronting Partner Abuse in Activist Communities


Denver On Fire is happy to present this incredible resource in zine format! Previous editions of The Revolution Starts At Home have been in full-page-booklet style (available at This format is a bit more compact.

The Revolution Starts At Home: Confronting Partner Abuse in Activist Communities

edited by Ching-In Chen, Dulani, and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Includes submissions from members of CARA, Philly's Pissed, The Northwest Network, UBUNTU, INCITE! and more.

Concrete tools for community accountability organizing.  read more »

At the base of the mountain

zine on mixed race-5.jpg

Quarter-page zine... so there is some cutting involved if you print it.  read more »

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