This is about things that make us angry. It designed to be printed on one page and cut and folded into a tiny eight-page zine. There's a version with assembly instructions to help people figure it out and one without that looks a bit nicer. This CC BY-NC-SA licensed work was produced by kids on the Steal This Wiki forums (http://forum.stealthiswiki.org): R3s!st, Vov35, Zac Osborn, Dan Copulsky, Glorfon, and Jalor.



Třetí číslo Chyba zine. Historie kapelky Flux of Pink Indians. Rozhovory s Němou Barikádou a Degenerací a navíc interwiev s členem rumunské kapely Pavilionul 32. Plus Do it yourself návod na pár užitečnejch věcí. Plno recenzí a pár reportů a mnoho dalšího..


logo chyba

Druhé číslo Chyba fanzinu. Historie anarcho-punkové legendy Crass. Články o Etice, mučení věznů, škodlivosti kouření a netoleranci kuřáků , graffity, opět komix a bonusem je tentokrát křížovka o ceny.

Second issue of DIY fanzine written in Czech.


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První číslo DIY fanzinu. Historie Varukers, rozhovor s VAP a Patníkem. Články o FNB, IDETu, vztazích, Falun Gong, sexismu. Spousta recenzí, reportů, trocha poezie a jako třešnička na dortu vtipný komix.

First issue of DIY fanzine written in Czech. interviews,music,DIY,falun gong,...

Self-Managed Health Centres and Feminist Self-Help Abortion Clinics in 1970's Italy

Self-Managed Health Centres and Feminist Self-Help Abortion Clinics in 1970's Italy

" It's impossible to approach these few basic notes on self-managed health in Italy in the period of the 70's without saying just a few words as background and context as to why such radical actions could come into being.  read more »

Give Up Activism and Postscript

Give Up Activism and Postscript

"In 1999, in the aftermath of the June 18th global day of action, a pamphlet called Refl ections on June 18th was produced by some people in London, as an open-access collection of "contributions on the politics behind the events that occurred in the City of London on June 18, 1999". Contained in this collection was an article called 'Give up Activism' which has generated quite a lot of discussion and debate both in the UK and internationally, being translated into several languages and reproduced in several different publications.  read more »

All Power To The Communes: The Paris Commune 1871 Reader

Paris Commune 1871 Reader

Writings on The Paris Commune by Bakunin, Marx, Situationists and Badiou

Paginated PDF

Blurred Trail of Os Cangaceiros In The Social Pampas, The

The Blurred Trail of Os Cangaceiros In The Social Pampas

Os Cangaceiros was a group of working class revolutionaries who emerged from the student/worker riots and occupations in France of May 1968. Coming together in Nice, France, Os Cangaceiros – or Les Fossoyeurs du vieux monde (Gravediggers of the Old World) as they were also known were characteristic of the new antagonistic social movements in post-may Europe that demanded nothing short of an "End of Politics".  read more »

Critique of 'Call'

Critique of 'Call'

"Civilization is a totality, encompassing everything. The totalizing has produced a desert, and as the sand mounts the writers begin to focus on specific inhabitants of the desert, those who organize against the desert. A specific group, and The Call aims for a specific group within that specific group. Those who organize in a particular way.  read more »

Evacuate The Leftist Bunker

Evacuate The Leftist Bunker

"Most would agree that there are increasing levels of social control that have come to settle around the therapeutic. Th is mania for physical and mental health is as much locked into increasing the productive performance in light of
intensifi ed workloads, as it is an issue of the provision of disciplining services for those occupying the fringes of work. Could it not be that the ‘rise of the therapeutic’ is part of a wider socio-historic process that is under-pinned  read more »

SLUMLORD issue #1 - 2nd edition


SLUMLORD issue #1 (summer 2009) is a project that takes aim at a landlord in Portland Oregon for the purpose of demonstrating how people coerced into rental situations (due to lack of access to land outside of the control of the capitalist occupation military) can resist the exploitive relationship implicit in rent through the use of research and organization.
Issue #1 includes some characteristics of landlord Howard Willett in his own words, some analysis of landlordism, some history of the area discussed (north and northeast Portland), and a brief guide to some tenants' rights.  read more »

Exposing 'Little Guantanamo:' Inside the CMU


by Daniel McGowan

Daniel's article, "Exposing 'Little Guantanamo:' Inside the CMU" is now handsomely laid out and available for download in screen-reading or printable booklet form! If you still haven't read it, this is a very important expose and analysis of the ominous and unconstitutional new prison facilities, the Communication Management Units. It contains new information, straight out of the CMU, and it will be a real asset in our efforts to counter the US government's war on dissent and free speech, in and outside of the prison system.

I Dance (Revolution starts) Nr. -1


Kleine inhaltsschwache zine...
doch grösstenteils nur publikation von "hirndurchfall"

anleitung wie diese zine gefaltet wird gibts hier:

Poison Pen #5


Poison Pen was a printed zine focusing on urban survival from the viewpoint of two anarcho-squatter punks.  read more »

Funboat diplomacy


'Funboat diplomacy' is a short satirical fact/fiction about the UK government's latest proposals to counter Internet piracy. This work builds on some of the rumours that were flying around the story.

Format: PDF booklet
Dave Miller (Summer 2009)

INTERSECTIONS, Vol. 1, Issue 5


Common Action announces the fifth issue of our quarterly newsletter Intersections.
Read about a new free health clinic in Olympia that challenges the
top-down approach to fixing health care. Also in this issue,
reflections on the anti-globalization movement, a review of a certain
British wizard, and notes on the increasing criminalization of sex

This issue's contents include:  read more »

'til It Breaks


this is the first issue of ’til it breaks, a denver anarchist periodical.

Societal Education, Direct Action, and Working-Class Gains: An Anarchist Perspective


Using an anarchist theoretical framework, it is argued that the working class would obtain greater gains through militant direct action modeled on the labor movement of the past. The history of the 8-hour workday is reviewed as a case study showing that it was won because of radical leaders who challenged existing legal institutional frameworks through societal education, militant ideology, direct action, and violent resistance against state attacks. Positive changes did not occur politically, peacefully, or voluntarily.  read more »

Nihilist Communism - Cruelty


Nihilist Communism - Cruelty or the Inclusion of the Distributive Sphere

by Monsieur Dupont

This is not the full text. Hit up nihilistcommunism.blogspot.com for a more complete reading.

Radical Mycology


From little black cart:

"Much in the tradition of Steampunk Magazine, at least to this reader, the writers of this pamphlet take a facet of a culture, one that can be fatal, and use it as a lens for a radical future.

Some people might call this fetishism, we call it commitment.

Here's what the publishers have to say about their publication.  read more »

Chiapas and Montana: Tierra y Libertad


"The Left in this country has been irrelevant since it blinked in the face of revolution in late 1969. The staid intellectuals who have been made comfortable in the role of “Loyal Opposition,” deserve a pie in the face and the eternal shame that our history will write for them. They squawk in confusion as a broad mass movement (including people of every “color” and “caste”) has been organized for the expressed purpose of defending and increasing individual and community autonomy.  read more »

A (dis)Orientation to the University (and city) of Houston

A disorientation guide to the University of Houston, the neighborhoods bordering UH and the city of Houston, encouraging students to participate in social justice movements on and off campus. Produced by Students for a Democratic Society at the University of Houston. http://sdshouston.wordpress.com

A Domesticação Industrial - Leopold Roc

Leopold Roc - Domesticação Industrial-1.jpg

A Domesticação Industrial - Leopold Roc (Texto em Português)

Unseen, The by Nanni Balestrini


The early 1970s were years when Italian cities reverberated with political chants, wildcat strikes and utopian demands. Everlasting meetings convened in dry, dusty rooms full of cigarette smoke, with many of the young participants busy looking for ways to get by without regular jobs, spinning out their college careers. This was the time the Italians call the ‘Years of Conflict’ (gli anni di contestazione) or, more bleakly, the ‘Years of Lead’ (as in bullets).  read more »

Escapism has its price, The artist has his income

Non Fides N°4

This text about art and artists comes from Non Fides; N°4, an aperiodic anarchist journal from France. Check it out.

Social War.

Not So Great Place - #1


Issue #1 of The Not So Great Place

an underground newspaper published by anti-war active duty soldiers, veterans and their supporters at Fort Hood, TX

Find out more about this publication at: www.notsogreatplace.com

(the title comes from Fort Hood's official slogan "The Great Place")

Edible, Medicinal, & Utilitarian Plants, Volume I

Edible, Medicinal, & Utilitarian Herbs, Volume I  MK2Edit  PRINT-1.jpg

This is the first volume in a series of zines involving plants that can be used as food, medicine, and functional tools. Volume I details "weeds" and common plants that can be found worldwide.

Please visit Yggdrasil Distro at yggdrasildistro.wordpress.com for more free anarchist literature.

A Crime Called Freedom: Os Cangaceiros


Os Cangaceiros was a group of delinquents caught up in the spirit of the French insurrection of 1968 who refused to let that spirit die. With nothing but contempt for the self-sacrificial ideology practiced by “specialists in armed struggle”, this uncontrollable band of social rebels wreaked havoc on the French state — attacking infrastructures of oppression, supporting popular revolts, stealing and releasing secret blueprints for high-tech prisons, raiding the offices of corporate collaborators, and creating their lives in complete opposition to the world based on work.  read more »

State of Exception


This is the essay that Agamben put out called State of Exception that spawned An amazing book that us here at The Filth and Glitter Public Sex Agenda suggest everyone to read.


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