From the Bottom Up


Three texts by Anton Pannekoek

Party and Class (1941)
Strikes (1948)
Why Past Revolutionary Movements Have Failed (1940)

Chickweed - A Zine about Herbalism

Copy of coverimage.jpg

a zine about herbalism from an anarchafeminist perspective, made by london anarchafeminist kolektiv, uk.

Communique from An Absent Future


From Comrades at UC Merced  read more »

Forget Shorter Showers by Derrick Jensen


This piece by Derrick Jensen originally appeared in the July/August 2009 issue of Orion Magazine, and immediately sparked a debate among readers about the nature and goals of the environmental movement—and about the “magical thinking” that leads to a reduced ability to meet those goals.  read more »

Rumble in the Jungle


Fighting for freedom in West Papua

Santos -- The Barcelona of Brazil


anarchism and class struggle in a port city

Kate Sharpley Library 2005

Kansas City Squatters' Handbook


[rent is theft]

this zine is free.

January 2009

Catechism of the Revolutionist


by Sergei Nechayev


Pink and Black Attack #3


This is the third issue of Pink and Black Attack, an anti-assimilationist anarchist queer periodical from Olympia, WA.

Non Fides N°4


Here is the electronic version (PDF) of the latest issue of Non Fides, a periodical anarchist journal from Paris, France.

download: (48.3 mb)

Detention Centers & Desert Camps Workshop


Notes on strategy and logistics from the Detention Centres & Desert Camps Workshop

Given at the Tucson No Borders Gathering

February 16-18, 2007

Defend the RNC 8!


The RNC 8 are organizers against the 2008 Twin Cities Republican National Convention who have been falsely charged in response to their political organizing.

 A letter from the RNC 8

 Information on the RNC 8 (bios n' Pics)

Free RNC Documentary "Terrorizing Dessent"

And what you can do to help!

Death by Regulation and a Message from a death camp


two essays by Russell Maroon Shoatz on "clean torture" in US prisons

Kersplebedeb 2008

Three essays by Action Directe prisoners


2nd edition, Solidarity Montreal, Mayday 2001

Short Collective Biography page 3

Political Prisoners and the Question of Violence page 15

Resistance is a Duty! page 27

Occupation, Prisons and Torture


A pamphlet on US/British detention policies in Iraq - prepared by Sumoud political prisoner solidarity group

May 2004

Warfare, Genocide, and Extinction: The Real Cost of Modern Conveniences

front cover

An informative zine, by Shane Schellhaass, written about cellular technology and the ecological and social costs that accompany it, usually hidden away from public eyes. As well as being a great informational guide, it was formatted and illustrated by people from the "Hoodrat Militia" zine. Enjoy! Shane is available to contact at our collective email address:

Trotspotting: Everything you always wanted to know about sects (but were afraid to ask)...


A guide to the mysterious world of the British far left.  read more »

How is it to be done? - Zine- (Tiqqun)

Tiqqun - How is it to be done - English (imposed version)-1.jpg

a translation originally appearing on the Tarnac 9 blog, but which has since been removed. this is the imposed pdf intended for printing.

note: this is a draft translation. if you can read French, you should really rely on the original, as, although decent overall, this translation loses some subtleties in the language (e.g. the use of "écart", or the impersonal pronoun "on" which is hard to translate, and so on).

the text addresses issues such as their notion of 'human strike', of 'whatever singularity', of the difference between individuality and the common, and so on.



This is about things that make us angry. It designed to be printed on one page and cut and folded into a tiny eight-page zine. There's a version with assembly instructions to help people figure it out and one without that looks a bit nicer. This CC BY-NC-SA licensed work was produced by kids on the Steal This Wiki forums ( R3s!st, Vov35, Zac Osborn, Dan Copulsky, Glorfon, and Jalor.



Třetí číslo Chyba zine. Historie kapelky Flux of Pink Indians. Rozhovory s Němou Barikádou a Degenerací a navíc interwiev s členem rumunské kapely Pavilionul 32. Plus Do it yourself návod na pár užitečnejch věcí. Plno recenzí a pár reportů a mnoho dalšího..


logo chyba

Druhé číslo Chyba fanzinu. Historie anarcho-punkové legendy Crass. Články o Etice, mučení věznů, škodlivosti kouření a netoleranci kuřáků , graffity, opět komix a bonusem je tentokrát křížovka o ceny.

Second issue of DIY fanzine written in Czech.


chyba logo

První číslo DIY fanzinu. Historie Varukers, rozhovor s VAP a Patníkem. Články o FNB, IDETu, vztazích, Falun Gong, sexismu. Spousta recenzí, reportů, trocha poezie a jako třešnička na dortu vtipný komix.

First issue of DIY fanzine written in Czech. interviews,music,DIY,falun gong,...

Self-Managed Health Centres and Feminist Self-Help Abortion Clinics in 1970's Italy

Self-Managed Health Centres and Feminist Self-Help Abortion Clinics in 1970's Italy

" It's impossible to approach these few basic notes on self-managed health in Italy in the period of the 70's without saying just a few words as background and context as to why such radical actions could come into being.  read more »

Give Up Activism and Postscript

Give Up Activism and Postscript

"In 1999, in the aftermath of the June 18th global day of action, a pamphlet called Refl ections on June 18th was produced by some people in London, as an open-access collection of "contributions on the politics behind the events that occurred in the City of London on June 18, 1999". Contained in this collection was an article called 'Give up Activism' which has generated quite a lot of discussion and debate both in the UK and internationally, being translated into several languages and reproduced in several different publications.  read more »

All Power To The Communes: The Paris Commune 1871 Reader

Paris Commune 1871 Reader

Writings on The Paris Commune by Bakunin, Marx, Situationists and Badiou

Paginated PDF

Blurred Trail of Os Cangaceiros In The Social Pampas, The

The Blurred Trail of Os Cangaceiros In The Social Pampas

Os Cangaceiros was a group of working class revolutionaries who emerged from the student/worker riots and occupations in France of May 1968. Coming together in Nice, France, Os Cangaceiros – or Les Fossoyeurs du vieux monde (Gravediggers of the Old World) as they were also known were characteristic of the new antagonistic social movements in post-may Europe that demanded nothing short of an "End of Politics".  read more »

Critique of 'Call'

Critique of 'Call'

"Civilization is a totality, encompassing everything. The totalizing has produced a desert, and as the sand mounts the writers begin to focus on specific inhabitants of the desert, those who organize against the desert. A specific group, and The Call aims for a specific group within that specific group. Those who organize in a particular way.  read more »

Evacuate The Leftist Bunker

Evacuate The Leftist Bunker

"Most would agree that there are increasing levels of social control that have come to settle around the therapeutic. Th is mania for physical and mental health is as much locked into increasing the productive performance in light of
intensifi ed workloads, as it is an issue of the provision of disciplining services for those occupying the fringes of work. Could it not be that the ‘rise of the therapeutic’ is part of a wider socio-historic process that is under-pinned  read more »

SLUMLORD issue #1 - 2nd edition


SLUMLORD issue #1 (summer 2009) is a project that takes aim at a landlord in Portland Oregon for the purpose of demonstrating how people coerced into rental situations (due to lack of access to land outside of the control of the capitalist occupation military) can resist the exploitive relationship implicit in rent through the use of research and organization.
Issue #1 includes some characteristics of landlord Howard Willett in his own words, some analysis of landlordism, some history of the area discussed (north and northeast Portland), and a brief guide to some tenants' rights.  read more »

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