Beyond Amnesty


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Writing to Prisoners FAQ


by Leeds ABC

Angry Brigade, The



Documents and chronology

Finger and the Moon, The


From the operation "Cervantes" to the correlated strategies of domination

Domination is vindictive, no less are the oppressed

Dark Nights #4


December 2008

Support the Italian life prisoners in struggle against life sentences and all prisons

Terra Incognita


March 2009

Rioting And Looting as a Modern Form of Potlatch


by Neal Keating

Dumpster Revolt: Comic Charts the Path from Lifestylism to Insurrection


Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness have published a hilarious comic lampooning insurrectionists, "lifestyle anarchists," participants in last September's G20 protests, and the disproportionate power that waste receptacles seem to exert over the anarchist imagination.  read more »

Theses On the Imaginary Party


An article originally appearing in the second issue of the Tiqqun journal, in 1999.

If your printer doesn't automatically fit the whole text on the page, scale the page size back to 58%.

Newly formatted version "imaginary party.pdf" also available.

hoax: feminism and relationships, issue #1


hoax intends to bridge the gap between feminism in theory and praxis, academia and everyday life. essay topics include: consciousness-raising, the "i'm not a feminist, but..." phenomena, money and power in hetero relationships, gendered language, having a feminist boyfriend, a case against marriage, polyamory, racism in friendships, bicycles and reverse sexism. also includes delicious veg(etari)an recipes!

Against Amnesia

against amnesia-1.jpg

On amnesia and the colonization of memory, abandoning imagination and the misery that accompanies it. For online reading and source see link below.

The zine should be printed on a single piece of paper. Fold it half twice (long-ways first), staple it and use a letter opener or something to cut open the unstapled fold.

Neighborhood Tenant/Homeowner Alliance


This is a template zine for organizing your neighborhood to resist gentrification. Just add in your local contact information.

Helpful for neighborhoods at all stages of gentrification.

Autodefensa Para Mujeres


Periferia - Número 02


El Látigo De Emma - Número 01




Presentamos esta publicación intentando dar respuesta a las preguntas que primero surgen en torno al tema y también con el afán de dar a conocer la antitecnología al mundo hispanohablante.

Te recomendamos que leas estos textos en el bosque, donde pertenecemos tanto nosotros cómo el fanzine.

Haz tantas copias como desees, mándaselo a todo aquél al que le pueda interesar.

Distribúyelo si quieres. Antitecnología es una publicación sin ánimo de lucro, el precio, si lo tuviese, no puede superar los costes de impresión.



We present this publication attempting to answer the questions that first arise around antitechnology and also with the aim of raising awareness on the subject.

We recommend you read these texts in the woods, where the fanzine and we belong.

Make as many copies as you want, send it to anyone to whom it may interest.

Distribute it if you wish. Antitechnology is a non-profit publication, the price, if any, can’t exceed printing costs.

Operation Backfire: a Survival Guide for Environmental and Animal Rights Activists


The National Lawyers Guild has created a great new resource, “Operation Backfire: a Survival Guide for Environmental and Animal Rights Activists.” It’s a booklet on how environmental and animal rights activists have been targeted by the government and branded as the top domestic terrorism threat. It also has a great “know your rights” section that offers information on:

* handling encounters with the police and FBI in various situations
* suggestions for how to respond when questioned or presented with a warrant  read more »

Fiddle Faddle #1 - a new anarchist zine for deviants and sexual libertines


Fiddle Faddle is a publishing collective of British anarchist communists hoping to explore the politics of alternative sexual identity and gender. We hope to provide a range of content from light-hearted articles, artwork, DIY guides and theory.

In this issue:

- Manifesto of the Sodom Liberation Army (the importance of being deviant)
- Pegging - a users guide
- DIY Shibari
- When do we fuck?
- Interview with Anarkink
- What is anarchism?

If you would like to be involved in the next Fiddle Faddle email: sodomliberationarmy(at)

To Destroy Sexuality by Guy Hocquenghem


"We're not concerned with simply breaking down this official sexuality as one would break down the conditions of one's imprisonment within any structure; we want to destroy it, to get rid of it because in the final analysis it functions as an infinitely repeating castration machine designed to reproduce everywhere and in everyone the unquestioning obedience of a slave."  read more »

Strange Defeat: The Chilean Revolution

Strange Defeat

Strange Defeat: The Chilean Revolution, 1973 - Pointblank!

An article by Situationist group Pointblank! written in October 1973 about the coup in Chile which deposed elected left-wing leader Salvador Allende.

Instead of blaming the right and the CIA for the coup like most commentators on the left, Pointblank! point out the role that Allende and the parties of the left played in demobilising the powerful working class, undermining their strength and eventually signing their own death warrants by refusing to arm them

Paginated PDF

Of Tea Parties and Patriots: In Defense of True Liberty for All


A new pamphlet, based on Dave Strano's article "Of Tea Parties and Patriots..." written for participants in the Tea Party and U.S. Libertarian movement, is ready for printing and distribution. Many people are disaffected and angry right now, and countering the racist hatred and conspiracy theories of Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Alex Jones, and Ron Paul are essential to combating fascism in America and gaining allies in our struggle for a free society.
These are our people, our families, our movement, and we can't let the mouthpieces of racists and the rich divide and conquer us.

Road to Revolution, The -- Ted Kaczynski


by Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber)

Deleuze, Marx and Politics

Deleuze, Marx and Politics

Deleuze, Marx and Politics by Nick Thoburn is a fantastic book. It is now made available by us as a paginated PDF for all.  read more »

announcing The Anarchist Library torrent

A couple of months after the launch of, it is now possible to download the full content of the archive, using the bittorrent protocol. (See )

The size of the archive is about 550Mb and it contains an HTML version of each text along with our classic PDF edition. For those of you with discriminating taste, you can also use the torrent to download single batches of files, saving server bandwidth as well as room on your computer.  read more »

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