Theft of Our Youth, The


radical ideas and thoughts on the treatment of children

Revolt #8


The coming of a new dawn

Revolt!: A Journal of Anarchy and Rebellion Issue #8

late Spring/ early Summer 1999

Taking the Left to Task


by Dan Raphael

We Are Winning


ACME collective communique from the 1999 Seattle WTO protests

Disorderly Conduct


summer 2000



establishing a culture of resistance

Everyone To The Streets: Communiques and Texts from the Streets and Occupations, Greece 2008

Everyone To The Streets: Communiques and Texts from the Streets and Occupations, Greece 2008

The good people at the 56a Infoshop in London have released “Everyone To The Streets: Communiques and Texts from the Streets and Occupations”. The book is 150 pages long (!) and contains an introduction by the 56a collective, two chronologies from Athens and Thessaloniki, 15+ texts and communiques from the streets and occupations plus analysis from Greek group TPTG and afterword. It costs £5 and is available from 56a Infoshop, 56 Crampton St, London SE17 3AE UK (opening hours Wed 3-7, Thu 2-8, Fri 3-7 and Sat 2-6pm. For mail order, check Active Distribution (  read more »

Position Paper On Occupation


A how-to-guide for shit.

I'll Bring the Gun: issue #1


Armed wimmyn in revolt.

Issue number one features an interpretation of Valerie Solanas' S.C.U.M. Manifesto as well as some tacky CRASS "art".

More to come...

Movement #1


"MOVEMENT" is the re-named and re-launched newsletter from the No Borders Network in the UK.

We hope to create a periodical which draws in other groups, organisations and individuals who resist the border regime.  read more »

As of yet, (Unnamed) #2


Issue number 2 of AS OF YET, [UNNAMED]. deals with themes of identity, conflict and coming together. It’s the basis for what we hope will be a growing dialogue in our community and all those confronted by the same problems.

by Long Island Food Not Bombs

Day When Nothing is Certain, A


writings on the Greek insurrection

Occupation: A DIY Guide


occupation: a diy guide from the imaginary committee

A Revolução Anarquista - Nestor Makhno

Nestor Makhno - A Revolução Anarquista-1.jpg

Os Destruidores de Máquinas - Christian Ferrer

Christian Ferrer - Os Destruidores de Máquinas-1.jpg

How Did Colonialism Dispossess? Comments from an Edge of Empire


An article that shows how the state, at the behest of capitalism and settlers, provided the framework for settler colonialism and the murderous state-capitalism alliance that rules our lives.

by Cole Harris

Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

transformation tribe, autumn 2007

2007 cover

transformation tribe is committed to sharing creative works emerging from persynal transformation: a way, process, path, continuum of growth--the creative urge expressed and lived. we present global works emerging naturally from stepping into one’s power and raw pure essence, via the practices of living foods, yoga, meditation, breathwork and internal cleansing. the first edition of this journal was published in the autumn of 2007.

please send comments and suggestions to:

peace <3

a free spirit can only exist in a freed body
--duncan school banner  read more »

exquisite corpus and songnet, 2009

2009 cover

exquisite corpus and songnet are part of an ongoing collaborative poetry project. the first edition was published in 2009 as a bilingual edition in english and spanish. there were contributions from five people.

works from this project will be published in hard copy and online periodically. please send comments and suggestions to:

peace <3

a free spirit can only exist in a freed body
--duncan school banner

Collapse or Explosion?


An exploration in images and words of the most troubling political event of our new century.

by Liam Scheff. find out more at

Fort Hood Shooting


A rapid response to the news of a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas. Republished from Prison Planet (wingnuts certainly, but someone's gotta do the work they do) and from Derrick Jensen's Endgame.

Amor Fati #2


Indonesian Zine of Insurrectional Ideas, Communication and Action

From the 325 Distro

Amor Fati


Indonesian Zine of Insurrectional Ideas, Communication and Action

from 325 Distro

Solidarity with Anarchist Comrades Imprisoned in Greece


from 325 Distro

a4 paper size folded vertically

Day Mournful and Overcast, A


by an "uncontrollable" from the iron column.

While Misery Exists We Choose Rebellion


The Case of Freddy and Marcelo

Essentialism and the Problem of Identity Politics


by Lawrence Jerach

from Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed Fall/Winter 2004/05

Beyond Amnesty


from 325 Distro

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