Fire to the Prisons #8


Fire to the Prisons
An Insurrectionary Quarterly
Issue #8 Out Now
Winter 2010

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Glossy print copies are available for re-distribution by contacting us at:

firetotheprisons (at) gmail (dot) com


Fire to the Prisons
c/o Shoelacetown ABC
P.O Box 8085
Paramus, NJ
07652, USA  read more »

Wheeler Hall info packet


Statements from the (November 20th) Wheeler Occupiers at UC Berkeley.

DIY Armor: How to make impact-resistant basic body armor from commonly found waste materials


DIY Armor: How to make impact-resistant basic body armor from commonly found waste materials  read more »

More, Much More


And other writings

By Massimo Passamani

Venomous Butterfly Publications

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Future Worth Living, A


Thoughts on getting there

by Chaz Bufe

Birth of a Revolutionary Movement in Yugoslavia by Fredy Perlman

Birth of a Revolutionary Movement in Yugoslavia
by Fredy Perlman

Black & Red
P.O. Box 973
Kalamazoo, MI 49005

"Heretics are always more dangerous than enemies," concluded a Yugoslav philosopher after analyzing the repression of Marxist intellectuals by the Marxist regime of Poland. (S. Stojanovic, in Student, Belgrade, April 9, 1968, p. 7.)

О Большой Науке и малом разумении.


In einer bürokratisierten Gesellschaft, die ein bestimmtes Menschenbild schafft, das man als verwaltungsrechtlichen und -technischen bezeichnen kann, werden Menschen dressiert statt gebildet, infolge dessen ihre geistige Tätigkeit zu schablonhaft ablaufenden Vorgängen wird, die Denkfähigkeit ersetzen eingeübte Reflexe. Die auf diese Weise vorgefertigte Automaten kommunizieren miteinander in einer Amtssprache, die keine unzulässige Wortwendungen und Begriffe kennt.  read more »

Collective Liberation


on my mind

essays by Chris Crass

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Excerpts From: Kill or Get Killed by Col. Rex Applegate


Excerpts From: Kill or Get Killed by Col. Rex Applegate

Self-Defense for Radicals

This book was first written in 1943 to quickly and effectively teach American solders hand-to-hand combat skills. It was re-published in 1976 to train the Army and police for dealing with the "Professional Communist agitator" and "fifth columnists who would stir up dissension and incite disorders and riots."  read more »

Turning the Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action back issue v22n4 fall 2009

TTT v22n3 fall 2009 p8-1.jpg

Here's the fall 2009 issue of "TTT" from Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror, featuring the Bush-mask off, Obama-mask on front cover graphic. Comments on this and other issues of "Turning the Tide" are welcome.

Turning the Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action, Research & Education

v23 n1 jan-mar 2010-1.jpg

"Turning the Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action, Research, & Education" is an anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-authoritarian, anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist zine from Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror. It has been coming out for over 20 years and is distributed free to more than 1300 prisoners. Also available on the network website of Anti-Racist Action ( click on "publication." Print version is available from Anti-Racist Action, PO Box 1055, Culver City CA 90232.  read more »

Little Monsieur Dupont Reader on Activism, Democracy, and Other Obstacles to Revolution, A



They saw the effects, but not the cause: A little Monsieur Dupont reader on activism, democracy and other obstacles to revolution.  read more »

HTZ #2: Notes From the Hacker Underground

Notes From the Hacker Underground

Hack This Zine!,PDF, TXT


o hack this site founder raided by fbi
o right wing hackers target indymedia network
o directnic enforces icann whois contact info accuracy
o phpbb 2.10 disclosure cause mischief and mayhem on the net
o nmap developers intimidated by wyrmkill


Disorderly Conduct #6


winter-spring 2003

revoltingly yours by the "bring on the ruckus society"

Download at: (25.6 mb)

NAZIS and POLICE in Portland Oregon

NAZI COP OO pdf-1.jpg

"NAZIS AND THE POLICE in Portland, Oregon," is the first publication from “the Shit List,” a list of active nazis and police who commit violent crimes in the Portland area. This particular issue concentrates on the connection between nazism in the police department and nazi street gangs.

This is a somewhat fixed-up quickly-thrown-together rough first edition.

Amor Fati #3

Indonesian Zine of Insurrectional Ideas, Communication and Action

Anthrophogical Study About the Nekulturita People

Study about the Nekulturita-1.jpg

This introduction is, so to speak, an instrument that intends to make clear, nothing more nothing less, that this is a non-scientifically politically partial and contradictory study, endowed with a very interesting purpose, that is to rub in the face of who feels its face being rubbed, that there are possibilities to not conform with the relational, philosophical, political, cultural, esthetical, corporal, mental and orgasmal misery and decadence that lives human civilis, with its sick relations, colonizers and colonized, relations full of games that are typical from the last religious traditi  read more »

Social is a Cigarette, The : Towards an Insurrectionary Platform

Social is a Cigarette-1.jpg

The Social is a cigarette.
Rupture, in its fluidity, is fire.
Platforms, the crystallized possibility of ignition, are lighters.
Dogma is a dead lighter.
Praxis is a butane refill.

written by a nasty crew from the 301 and 410

shout out anarchist in MD.

-Glenn Beck.

Negate Politics, Affirm Cuteness


At long last, we present to you Negate Politics, Affirm Cuteness. Expand the playground, kiss your best friend, etc.

(Re)designed Poverty Of Student Life

The Poverty Of Student Life-1.jpg

I really was not into the current available zine of the Poverty of Student Life.

Redesigned and new release of Poverty of Student Life.

Hope y'all enjoy it, disto it.

Translation source

-A-Team 301



Дура! Ты никому ненужна! Чудовище!
Тимати - жыв !
Шок, отец отрезал учительнице ногу. Видео! - здесь. (9.05 mb)

Right to be Greedy, The (selections) - Morality


The Right to be Greedy - Theses on the Practical Necessity of Demanding Everything

This zine is simply one chapter from a larger book by a pro-situationist group called For Ourselves!. The selected chapter is a critique of morality.

BAAM #29


Jan. 2010

In this issue:

Angelica workers win strike
By Jake Carman

Iran: Stand Up! Fight Back!
By Joseph Caye

Capitalists, Global Warming, and the Climate Justice Movement: Reflections on COP15
By James Herod

Anarchists and Workers Put Greek Government in Tight Spot
By Sublett

December 6th: Boston Stands with Greece
By Jeff Reinhardt

The 9th NEAN Assembly: A Report
By Dykonoclast

Harvard Workers Confront Racism
By Geoff Carens, Union Rep. HUCTW/AFSCME Local 3650

Sabaté: A Short Memorial of a Man for whom Defeat Meant Nothing
By Jake Carman

Crisis in California: Everything touched by capital turns toxic


The United States’ most populous state, California is the world’s eighth largest economy. The state has some of the planet’s most productive farmland and in the 1990s enjoyed an extensive real-estate boom. But intensive, industrialised agriculture has polluted much of the environment and now, with more foreclosed homes than anywhere else in the world, it is also home to a growing number of tent cities. Gifford Hartman takes us on a road trip through California’s Central Valley to witness the toxicity: of mortgages and ecosystems, houses, drugs and human relations.

Substance #1 by Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective


SUBSTANCE is the publication from the Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective. The publication is designed to insert an uncompromising radical view into Pittsburgh life. This issue discusses building of a social center in Pittsburgh, a personal experience of insurrection during the Athens, Greece insurrection of 2008, an interview with imprisoned graffiti writer: MF ONE, and a radical perspective on the 2008 shooting of 3 Pittsburgh police officers.

It is infrequently published, and available for free online, and at our space.

Ruckus v.10 #1


An independent newspaper for the University of Washington community by the Ruckus Collective. We are for participatory democracy, social justice, collective liberation, and resistance to killing the planet.

Volume 10, Issue 1, covers budget cuts, anti-sweatshop work, queer rights victories, the tenth anniversary of the WTO protest, and college news media.

Neoliberalization Of Higher Education, The: What’s Race Got To Do With It?


As the California population has grown more ethnically diverse, the privatization of the public sphere has been sold to the electorate through a seemingly endless parade of racist bogeymen: immigration, affirmative action, bilingual education.  read more »

Labor Law For The Rank And Filer: Building Solidarity While Staying Clear Of The Law


by Staughton Lynd and Daniel Gross

DIY Life Zine Issue #1

Issue 1 of DIY Life Zine (revised version)-1.jpg

DIY Life: doing things independently of experts, professionals, institutions, corporations, and similar things. Taking our lives, and our communities, into our own hands.

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