Using Space #2


a zine about squatting, social centres and alternative ways of living

Total Destruction #3


March 2007
xstraightedge fanzine against the ruling orderx
for solidarity, theory and attack

Total Destruction #4


a straightedge zine against the ruling order
Queer dispatches from central Kentucky
critical analysis, communist pessimism
issue #4 summer 2007

Stop Paying for Shit


The college Edition:

A mini-manual of scams, cons and grifts to exploit higher education

by DIzzIE

Dezember 2006

How to Smash Everything


an anarchist source book

Singlethorn Collective 2007

I'd Only Sell Myself to the Sidewalk


a bit about art in our world
by the Black Lobster Collaboration
Feb 2007

Sad Tale of Parting, A


Staughton Lynd's Remarks on Solidarity Unionism


From the Industrial Workers of the World Centenary Conference June, 2005



Tactics and Self-Defense for the Modern Protester

Version 1.1

by sarin

Said the Pot to the Kettle


feminist theory for anarchist men
by Strangers

May 1st, 2007 The March Continues

Online Zine documenting San Jose's Immigration Rights Movement

May Day!

before Seattle, before ACT UP, Before Earth First!, the Forgotten Resistance to the Vietnam War.

Ending a War: Inventing a Movement: May Day 1971

by L.A. Kauffman

Free John Graham


Honour the memory of Anna Mae Aquash
Resist Uranium Mining
Free Leonard Peltier

Introduction to the Black Panther Party, An

by the John Brown Society
Berkeley CA May 1968



by Nick Kreitman

Hunter Gatherer

Journal of Folklore and Folkwar

by CrimethInc.

Fuera Ulises!


a graphic account from Oaxaca
by Ana Nimo

Free Your Books


a Guide to Scanning Books and Zines

by DIzzIE

Empty Letters


by Jeffery Bennington Grindly

Demand the Impossible #4

The voice of Creating Local Autonomy and Solidarity in Hartford CT

by the CLASH Collective

#4 December 27th, 2005

Demand the Impossible #3

The voice of Creating Local Autonomy and Solidarity in Hartford CT

by the CLASH Collective



by David Novak
A guide to federal incarceration (US)

Download At: (8.88 mb)

Direct Action #36

by the Solidarity Federation (UK)
International Workers Association

Spring/Summer 2006

Demand the Impossible #5

The voice of Creating Local Autonomy and Solidarity in Hartford CT

by the CLASH Collective

#5 March 17, 2006

Critical Thinking as an Anarchist Weapon


Some tools for debates, discussions, meetings, study groups and in developing an incisive anarchist theory and practice

a Venomous Butterfly Publication

Constitution, The

resurrection of an imperial system

Chapter 3 of Toward an American Revolution: Exposing the Constitution and other Illusions

by Jerry Fresia

History is a Lie agreed upon

Calls and Reports #1

thoughts for global anti-G8 actions

G8 Heiligendamm 2007

Breaking the MANacles


an anti-patriarchy reader

Bloody Wake of Alcatraz, The


Political Repression of the American Indian Movement During the 1970's
by Ward Chruchill

Baltimore's Forgotten Insurrection

Baltimore's forgotten insurrection shows us how disconnected we are from our history

1877 rebellion

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