History of Organized Fascism in Serbia (Sava Devurić)

Fascism in Serbia - cover

A short history of fascism in Serbia - ready to print pamphlet

H.E.A.L. by The Infidel Collective - Flyer

The Infidel Collective Logo

H.E.A.L. stands for Human, Earth and Animal Liberation. We are all interconnected with one another and must recognize that every action we take has an effect on the world around us. Print out this flyer and post it everywhere.

LETTERS TO NORA: DECEMBER, 1909 by James Joyce

1909. James Joyce lives in Trieste (Italy) with his family. End of October, he leaves alone for Dublin on a business trip, and stays there until the end of December. He makes a pact with his wife to write to each other erotic letters.  read more »


Nanni Balestrini, author of the intoxicating and maddening novel "The Unseen", returns with yet another brilliant piece about class struggle in Europe.  read more »

STREET TRANSVESTITE ACTION REVOLUTIONARIES: survival, revolt, and queer antagonist struggle


Untorelli Press presents a compilation of historical documents, interviews, and critical analyses of STAR, a group of street queens in early 70s New York City who self-organized for survival and revolt. Contained within are pamphlets distributed by STAR, as well as interviews with and speeches by Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson.  read more »

Fire and Flames: A History of the German Autonomist Movement

Translated for the first time into English, the history of the German autonomous anticapitalist movement is traced back to the 1970s in this firsthand account. Battling police in riot gear, the early members of the autonomous movement used military tactics that included barricading and hurling Molotov cocktails in protest.  read more »


Nanni Balestrini, author of the intoxicating and maddening novel "The Unseen", returns with yet another brilliant piece about class struggle in Europe.  read more »

Surviving Love: A Mad Journey In Extreme Romances And Lovingness

A 19 page, short Zine covering personal experiences with my journey through trauma, madness and romance.

I wrote this because I need to put my emotions and confusions
and madness into words, or pictures, or forms, or thoughts, or ideas or... or...
or... Anything but in my head. Because I too often times find romance difficult  read more »

Breaking Concrete: Breaking Concrete: Selected Texts Translated from Lèse-Béton

Selected texts translated from Lèse Béton, a publication from the ZAD, 2010-2012, exploring the history and context of Europe`s largest land defense struggle.
The zine's two introductions, one by the translator and one by the original creators of Lèse-Béton are reproduced below.

For Those Who Don Know: Translator's introduction  read more »

Food Not Bombs Around the World: 2010-2013

FNB Around the World is a broad overview of what FNB groups are currently up in places like Russia, Eastern Europe, and the US. Great for adding to FNB zine tables, etc. Part of a new FNB educational initiative, the Food Not Bombs Free Skool. If you want some copies mailed to you or are interested in the free skool email the zine creator at swampzine at gmail dot com

Barclay - Anthropology

An essay on Anthropology by Harold Barclay, the author of "People without Government".

Published in 1986 as the fourth part of a proposed Anarchist Encyclopaedia.

March Political Prisoner Birthday Poster 2013


Please Print this out and write to these prisoners. Better, post it publicly and use it to host a card writing night.We're experimenting with the format a little, so this month is a double sided 11x17 that can also be used as a poster to promote your local letter writing night.

Keep on fighting,
Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

Wilhelm Reich - The Mass Psychology of Fascism

The Mass Psychology of Fascism

In this classic study, Reich provides insight into the phenomenon of fascism, which continues to ravage the international community in ways great and small.  read more »

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