ladyfest london

05/09/2008 - 02:34
05/11/2008 - 23:59

Ladyfest London is an arts festival which celebrates female creativity in all its forms. We aim to provide a platform for women’s talents in music, art, comedy, photography, film, debate, written and spoken word. Ladyfest's have been taking place all over the world in the past few years and Ladyfest London will be taking place 9-11 May 2008. Ladyfest London is entirely run by volunteers who wish to create a fun and exciting festival which showcases female arts as well as creating a space to explore ideas, network, meet and strengthen our communities.

We are part of a grass-root feminist movement whereby volunteers collectivise on a local basis to organise and run a not-for-profit women’s art festival. The first ever Ladyfest was conducted in Olympia, Washington in August 2000 with over 2000 people attending. Ladyfests continue to happen all over Europe and the Americas; in other urban areas such as Amsterdam, Atlanta, Belgium, Berlin, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Brooklyn, Columbus, Chicago, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Turin, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, Toronto, Washington DC, and more.

London Needs You!
Each community that organises a Ladyfest has specific aims. This year’s Ladyfest London wants to place particular political focus on London as a cultural melting pot; most of the organisers have migrated in one way or another to become part of London . In this way we feel we must engage with those migrating and seeking refuge and asylum. While we are seeking groups to donate any profits made by the festival, we are also seeking groups to act as partners and affiliates in awareness raising, campaigning and peer-to-peer education.

Our aims:
· To celebrate and promote women’s and queer arts and creativity
· To promote feminist discussion and activism, to open up debates about how to make feminism more inclusive and accessible and to embrace the diversity of feminist history and activism
· To work with a DIY ethos and to encourage knowledge- and skill-sharing
· To encourage active participation and creative expression
· To put on an accessible, affordable and all-ages event
· To challenge gender stereotypes and oppression in all its forms and to recognise the interconnectedness of race, class and gender oppression
· To be a socially responsible and environmentally aware festival
· To be a volunteer-run non-profit event, with any proceeds donated to local women’s charities
· To have fun!