Just Leave Us Alone!

A Letter From a Papuan Tribesman - Civilisation...A View From the Bush.
This Pamphlet is very unusual. Here in his own words are the views of a tribesman from the remote highlands of New Guinea. This letter offers those of us in industrial civilisation a rere glimpse of our own society through the eyes of one from beyond its borders. Sent to Britain by his people to find out about "that Europe thing that is attacking us" he wrote this letter back to his country in 1999.
Written originally in his native tongue, Lani, a version of Leave Us Alone has now been written in english by the author. This you can download now and print, or order from independent distros in Britain.
Subjects covered in this pamphlet include:
Papua´s Problems in Context
The Four Enemies of Tribal People
What Is Wrong with the Modern World?
Lani Perspectives on War and Peace
The Ends of the World

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