I CHING (THE BOOK OF CHANGES): A New Anarchist & Pocket Friendly Addition

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle and spiritual text. All you need is three coins and you can consult it for an eerily appropriate reading, gaining awesome taoist insight and advice on whatever topic you have in mind. It's also just a great way to learn about the cycles of nature and all their transformations. From Jungian psychologists to Wicca folks, the I Ching is a well-trusted ally for anyone who looks to it for help.

However, the most popular translation in English today is from Richard Wilhelm who relies heavily on patriarchy, gender, and hierarchical social systems for his conveyance of the 64 hexagrams. In this condensed interpretation I've eliminated these and stressed egalitarianism, harmony with nature, and resistance to civilization as much as possible while maintaining the poetic core of each transformation.

If you can format this into a printable zine I would kiss your boots.

From OUROBOROS PONDEROSA ~ www.ouroborosponderosa.wordpress.com

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