HTZ #6: Lets Smash Windows!

Hack This Zine!: Print, text, read.

Political Articles: Views and Opinionated Articles

* On the Necessity of Direct Action (by Nomenumbra)
* Hacking Freight Trains Part 2 (by Haifleisch)
* Berkeley Tree Sit (by frenzy)
* SF Community Colo Project (by ryan)
* Callout for electronic action at the DNC & RNC (by hackbloc)
* 39 Lashes a poem (by Ardeo)
* RNC Comms Analysis (by CGB)

Hacking / Technology: Articles for Digital Resistance

* Cryptographic Education for the Militant Activist Part 1 (by Nomenumbra)
* Crabgrass: A Social Network for the Rest of Us (by Flatline)
* The PE File format and its Darkside Part 2 (by Nomenumbra)
* Full Disk Encryption Attacks (by hackbloc)
* All Your Face(book) Are Belong To Us (by flatline)
* Communications Systems and Technology (by Impact)
* Anonymity with Wireless Networking (by Impact)

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