HOME: The Aesthetics and Politics of Home in Contemporary Art, curated by Liena Vayzman (San Francisco: Root Division, 2007).

Full-color illustrated catalog of the exhibition HOME at the artist-run non-profit art space ROOT DIVISION in San Francisco, featuring 30 artists in all media, with essay by curator Liena Vayzman.

Is home a fleeting dwelling place? A memory? Luxury for the rich? Site of regional identity? Domestic heaven or hell? Nostalgic marker for lost history? Who can lay claim to the white-picket-fenced symbol of the American dream? This exhibition taps into a resonant theme in contemporary art and society: the aesthetics and politics of home. The 30 artists in the exhibition interpret the elusive concept of home in innovative works of sculpture, video, film, photography, and painting. The exhibition includes artists who use domestic architecture as structure, reconstruct abandoned houses in miniature from photographs, document the process of moving and dwelling, or point to the lack of affordable housing in places like San Francisco. Other pieces break the illusion of security associated with childhood homes, humanize images of homelessness, or document the destruction of public housing. While most of these artists reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, many speak of distant homelands, real or imagined. Home shows the various and elusive resonance of houses, homes, dwellings, from the anonymity of the built environment to the promise of bliss and identity in the domestic interior. -- Liena Vayzman

Featuring work by:

Verda Alexander
Eric Araujo
Mr. Ben Venom
Ronit Bezalel
Mark Blaisdell
Jan Blythe
Alexander Cheves
Elizabeth Chiles
Teri Claude
Torreya Cummings
Derek Haverland
Jessica Hayes
Sarah Talia Himmelfarb
Rachael Jablo
Ian Kimmerly
Sarah Klein
Michael Krouse
Seth Lower
Moira Murdock
Sasha Petrenko
Meghann Riepenhoff
Dan Rule
Jana Rumberger
Nadim Sabella
Brian Stinemetz
Chris Thorson
Liena Vayzman
Sanjay Vora
Hannah Pearl Walcott
Donna Wan
Serena Wellen

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