At high tide...the ship will rise

On the 18th of December, 2005, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the production studio of Marcelo Tinelli (television magnate and producer of Ideas del Sur) was robbed. Ideas del Sur and Marcelo Tinelli are heavily involved with the funding and creation of the Trafipan 2000 tourism project,
where Mapuche land in Southern Argentina is being bought up and developed into tourist resorts. In 2006 the cops raided the anarchist social space Angela Fortunato, and various houses associated with the social space. As a result of these raids, 2 compañeros (Leandro Morel and Diego Petrissans) were arrested, and there was warrant put out for a third compañerx. Largely due to the (then) newly-instated Blumberg law, Diego and Leandro were sentenced to 10 and 11 years respectively, and are currently serving time.

Though Diego and Leandro are locked up, their hearts are still free. Diego has continued to act in solidarity with anarchist prisoners worldwide, as well as being involved with hunger strikes in various prisons within Argentina. This pamphlet collects the reflections and communiqués that came forth after Diego and Leandro were kidnapped.

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