Forget Shorter Showers by Derrick Jensen

This piece by Derrick Jensen originally appeared in the July/August 2009 issue of Orion Magazine, and immediately sparked a debate among readers about the nature and goals of the environmental movement—and about the “magical thinking” that leads to a reduced ability to meet those goals.

"WOULD ANY SANE PERSON think dumpster diving would have stopped Hitler, or that composting would have ended slavery or brought about the eight-hour workday, or that chopping wood and carrying water would have gotten people out of Tsarist prisons, or that dancing naked around a fire would have helped put in place the Voting Rights Act of 1957 or the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Then why now, with all the world at stake, do so many people retreat into these entirely personal 'solutions?'" -Exerpt from Forget Shorter Showers

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