Fluff Fest zine workshop (Czech Republic)

07/24/2009 - 15:00

The greatest hardcore/punk festival in Europe!!!

24th, 25th & 26th july 2009
Rokycany near Pilsen, Czech Republic



Fluff!-Zine! Participate! Help us out!

We're planning to do a Zine on the Fluff Festival (24.-26. of July 2009) and we need your participation and help!

The rough idea is:
Let's do a zine, which will use the Fluff as a meeting point of dedicated people and collect ideas, memories and solutions. We're inviting everyone to write whatever you like, to contribute text and photos and help to put this zine together on Fluff Fest! The zine will be assembled on the first two days and printed and given out on the last. It will not, we repeat, not be focused on the Fluff fest (alone), we rather want everyone to share whatever one wants others to know!

Here's what could be in the zine:
- Politics (Szene reports, activists reports, opinions, reports from liberating action, reports from the streets and squats, ...)
- Music (Band interviews, Fluff playlists, photos from Fluff (bring your cameras to our zine tent, we'll have a printer and a computer ready!!!), ...)
- Stories (e.g. about naked stagedivers, guys in Borat pants and whatever is your favourite Fluff memory, your last journey to whatever place you have been to on earth or whatever you like!)
- Opinions!

Here's how it's gonna work:
- If you want to contribute something now, get in touch: fluffzine@else-joffi.de! Do you have photos from the last Fluff Fests? Articles, that have been lying around on your desktop for a long time? Stories written on endless train rides?
- If you want to contribute something when being on Fluff (24.-26. of July 2009), just visit us in the zine tent! We'll have pens and paper ready for you! We'll have a zine library if you need some inspiration. We'll have a computer to copy your best photos and print them out for the zine!
- We will also have scissors, glue, typewriters etc. ready at the tent and we encourage everyone to do their own layout, just use a regular A4 page!
- The zine tent will be open all day and there will be two meetings per day.
- The zine will be regular A5 and will be given out for free!

Here's how you can help:
- Write! Write! Write!
- Come to help us layout the zine!
- Be a volunteer aka a helping hand. We need people to prepare things for the zine tent and the zine itself, we might need people to put up the zine tent or giving out flyers on the festival.
- Help us with promoting the Fluff zine! Repost this Post! Forward this via Email! Download our flyer, print and distribute it! Tell all your friends to come to Fluff Fest and to help with the zine!
- Send us your ideas: fluffzine@else-joffi.de

here's the flyer - http://else-joffi.de/anderes/fluffzinecall.jpg

Raw program of the zine workshop

Friday of Fluff:
15:00 Kick Off Meeting
- speading between all people thats everyone is wellcome to participate on creating a fanzine
- meeting all people who woant to participate on creating fanzine
- explaining and agreeing who is gonna do what kind of job
- anyone interested can create one (or more) pages with any topic he/she wants to
(interviews, columns, thoughts, scene reports from your area, stories, personal pages, drawings, anything is welcome)
- it will be full page (A4)
- it can be copy and paste, it can be typed on typewriter, it can be handwritten, pictk up your favourite style to do!

Saturday of Fluff:
15:00 Meeting
- anyone can bring first finished pages
- anyone can bring more people to help!

- start layouting (list of content, editorial, photo pages)
- collecting first finished pages

Sunday of Fluff:
15:00 Final Meeting
- bring your finised pages or come to finish them on site
- print/copy
- staple!
- distribute

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