Fifth annual Calgary Anarchist Bookfair

04/25/2008 - 00:00
04/27/2008 - 23:59

Fifth annual Calgary Anarchist Bookfair

On April 25, 26 and 27, Calgary will be hosting its fifth annual
Anarchist Bookfair, bringing vendors from across Western Canada and
beyond. This year's event promises to be this city's biggest and best
bookfair yet and will feature dozens of vendors, three days of
workshops, free food, a keynote speaker (TBA), the ever-popular
"People's Prom" and a mini "film fest".

What: Anarchist Bookfair
When: Friday April 25, Saturday April 26 and Sunday April 27
Where: Calgary Old "Y" Centre
How much: All events and food are free


Sure, reading's great, but we're not snobs: we like video, too! This
year's bookfair features a mini "film fest" within the bookfair itself.
The confirmed screenings are:

"The Forest for the Trees" -- Presented by the Arusha Centre,
this documentary follows the unlikely team of young activists and old
civil rights workers who come together to battle the U.S. government
and get a day in court for Judy Bari's 12 year lawsuit against the FBI.

"Polly II -- Plan for a Revolution" -- Presented by "Pirate
Dave" of "No Quarter" magazine, "Polly II" is a science fiction tale of
futuristic pirates in a flooded east end London fighting against
corporate real estate development and building a revolution.

"Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits" -- Presented by the Calgary
Haitian Activist Network. This documentary follows the uprising and
repression after the forced ouster of Haitian president Jean Bertrand

"Unrepentant: Kevin Annet & Canada's Genocide" -- With a
workshop by the filmmaker Kevin Annet! "Unrepentant" is a documentary
about the holocaust visited upon native peoples by the Canadian state
and churches under the name of residential schooling. It also follows
one maverick reverend as he tries to force the United Church of Canada
to live up to their teachings and atone for their ongoing role in the
genocide and oppression of aboriginal peoples

A good bookfair is all about sharing information.
To that end, this year's event will offer a number of workshops on
topics ranging from pirates and promotion to countersurveillance and
talking to liberals. And, of course, there'll be the mandatory
consensus decision-making workshop. Gotta have that. A full schedule of
workshops will be available on the Calgary Anarchist bookfair website
after April 1st.

This year, the Calgary bookfair organizers are committed
to feeding all who walk through the door. Now, we know that the phrase
"free vegan food" is often interpreted as a code word for crunchy brown
rice and some sloppy, grey lentil goop... but don't worry: we promise
that this spread will be good! Our crack team of iron chefs have dozens
of years of Food Not Bombs experience behind them and a commitment to
making things yummy.

About Calgary
Calgary has a bad reputation, it's true. We're
the town built on beef and oil -- the birthplace of Canadian
neo-conservatism and the shiny, oversized buckle in this nation's bible
belt. But don't let that scare you off attending this year's bookfair.
Since the anti-G8 demonstrations in 2002, this city has seen a massive
growth in the culture of dissent. Currently we have a strong Food Not
Bombs group, one of the nation's largest ARA chapters, a fast-growing
ABC, a worker-owned infoshop collective (currently on hiatus) and many
other smaller but equally interesting projects and organizations. And,
of course, we have a killer bookfair. Each year the bookfair committee
has been committed to putting on a bigger, better and more
thought-provoking event. And 2008 promises to be the best yet.

Everything you need to know about the 2008 Calgary Anarchist Bookfair can be found on our website
but, just in case that can't answer your question, you can get ahold of the organizers directly at

If you want to be a vendor
If you would like to be a vendor or present a workshop at the Calgary Anarchist Bookfair, contact the organizers at