excited delirium


a protester's guide to less-lethal police weaponry

including an introduction of taser-proof jackets

Download at:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/coptech-letter.pdf ( 9.34 mb)

The zine can be found on the website of Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness

More specifically you can download the 8.5x11 version here and the web viewing version here

from the introduction to the zine

This work is intended for educational purposes. And while the
information within is accurate to our knowledge, we don’t have
first-hand experience with more than a handful of these weapons. Do
your own research and don’t ever assume that you’re invulnerable.

The government just loves technology. They always assume that every
problem—whether social, martial, economic, or ecological—is just
waiting for some magic device to solve it. This is a weakness of

This zine is filled with a lot of scary information. The phrase
“non-lethal” is out and “less-lethal” is in—because that’s just what
these weapons are: a bit less lethal than being shot with a gun. Stun
guns, teargas, baton rounds... these things are scary. But everything
in here can be counteracted through DIY means. Most of this crap costs
the state anywhere from $25-100 a shot and can be blocked by
second-hand sports gear or hardware store respirators. And the thing
is, most of these weapons work primarily on fear. Chemical weapons,
batons, flash-bangs... it’s all just to get us to run away and to not
challenge the police.

This information is presented so that we may better educate
ourselves about what we can expect on the streets. The focus is on the
United States, but of course these weapons are available throughout the
world. Every government has its own style of repression: some play good
cop, some play bad cop, some will let protestors get away with a lot
and then just might kill or disappear some of them. In the USA, it’s
condescending authority: circumstance be damned, law & order are in
charge. But the cops here are at least marginally accountable. They
kill individuals all the time, but they’re not likely to start killing
protestors anytime soon; there are too many of us and they know they’d
never hear the end of it. Thus, an endless variety of weapons aimed to
incapacitate and control: