Essential Psychedelic Guide, The

The Essential Psychedelic Guide is a book written on the concious and well-informed taking of psychedelic, or mind-altering, drugs. Most of these drugs can have tremendous effects, in both the positive and negative spectrum. They can be used to break down boundries in psyche in ways never imagined, open up doors to the subconcious, teach whole lifetimes of lessons in a matter of a few hours and they can be a lot of great fun! But, if taken in the wrong manner they can break down the ego, leave people with wrong interpretations of their subconcious or traumas, they have been shown to have the ability to spark off psychosis.

The approach to their use is therefore extremely important. This book explains the mental, physical and sometimes (percieved?) spirtual effects that the psychedelic drugs might harbor. It explains in detail how to do these drugs in safe manner and it explains what things should not be taken together with certain drugs.
In short: The title says it all! :)

Essential Psychedelic Guide
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