Emma Goldman - Anarchism: What It Really Stand For

Emma Goldman - Anarchism and Other-1.jpg

Fetishizing Process

Fetishizing Process-1.jpg

Revolutionary Politics of Self Defense, The


ABCF Jacksonville public statement

To Remember Spain

To Remember Spain-1.jpg

by Murray Bookchin, full book as zine, printable within reason

Against Separatism

Against Separatism-1.jpg

anarchism and identity politics

Pay The Preacherman


by  Pirate Press Oly Cascadia

March 20, 2003

Give Up Activism

Give Up Activism-1.jpg

classic essay critiquing activist culture

Individualism Reconsidered

Individualism Reconsidered-1.jpg

Proudhon & Anarchism


BAD Press: the Best Of

BAD Press-1.jpg

On the Poverty of Student Life


considered in its economic, psychological, sexual, and particularly intellectual aspects with a modest proposal for its remedy

by the Situationist International andsome students at the University of Strassbourg


Published by Black and Red Detriot 2000 

On Sabotage as One of the Fine Arts


a contribution on the topic of the theory of the practice of sabotage

transhumanist socialism

Transhumanist Socialism-1.jpg

After the Revolution - Diego Abad de Santillán

After the Revolution-1.jpg

complete book in printable zine format,

published 1936

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