Socialism and the State


by Rudolf Rocker

Socialism From Below


by Workers Solidarity Movement

Feb. 2001

Russia: Revolution, Counter-Revolution


An Anarcho-Communist Analysis of the Russian Revolution

by Joe Licentia 

Russian Revolution Destroyed, The


The Nature and Strategy of Bolshevism

Marxism, Freedom and the State


by Mikhail Bakunin

Marx and Anarchism


by Rudolf Rocker

Don't Vote — Organise!

vote toilet.jpg

Re-designed and paraphrased zine (originally a Crimethinc Primer) on voting vs direct action. Downloadable pdf zine (one page), ready to print and distribute.

Re-designed by Garage Collective.

Trotsky Protests Too Much


by Emma Goldman

To Remember Spain

To Remember Spain-1.jpg

by Murray Bookchin, full book as zine, printable within reason

Cuban Anarchism

Cuban Anarchism-1.jpg

Cuban Anarchism: The History of a Movement

Frank Fernandez

intro by Chaz Bufe 

transhumanist socialism

Transhumanist Socialism-1.jpg

Saint Che: The Truth Behind the Legend of the Heroic Guerilla, Ernesto Che Guevara


In this text, Gambone gives a unique and concise
perspective on the life of Guevara, when there are precious few written
anarchist perspectives on the Cuban Revolution in general, and helps us move
beyond the baggage of the Marxist-Leninist Left, while keeping it in
perspective. This pamphlet has been digitally reproduced in order to make it
available to a wider audience via free download.

Bolsheviks and Worker Control, The


by Maurice Brinton
The State and Counter-Revolution

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