Italian Difference, The : Between Nihilism and Biopolitics (Edited by Alberto Toscano and Lorenzo Chiesa

The Italian Difference - Between Nihilism and Biopolitics

This volume brings together essays by different generations of Italian thinkers which address, whether in affirmative, problematizing or genealogical registers, the entanglement of philosophical speculation and political proposition within recent Italian thought.  read more »

What Is Anarchism by Alexander Berkman

What Is Anarchism (Berkman)

In a clear conversation with the reader, Berkman discusses society as it now exists, the need for Anarchism and the methods for bringing it about. Often mentioned in conjunction with his lover Emma Goldman, Berkman was a leading writer and participant in the 20th-Century Anarchist movement.  read more »

ISO Pre-Convention #8 (2012)

ISO Pre-Convention #5 (2012)

ISO Pre-Convention #4 (2012

ISO Notes 7/15/10

ISO Notes 10/10/10

ISO Notes 9/5/10

ISO Notes 8/20/10

2012 ISO Pre-Convention Bulletion #7

Marx: A Radical Critique


Marx: A Radical Critique
by Alan Carter

An excellent critique of Marxist theory of history, economics, sociology, and politics.

This publication may be copyrighted.

Full Unemployment Cinema: News from Ideological Antiquity

This pamphlet was made to accompany a cinema screening of Alexander Kluge's News from Ideological Antiquity in May 2012 at a squatted space in South London. The pamphlet and screening are part of the Full Unemployment Cinema 2011-2012 programme. We've put the whole series of small pamphlets up here.


Who the FUC? A bunch of no good commies and anarchists  read more »

Playbook for Progressives: 16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer


Playbook for Progressives: 16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer by Eric Mann

Introduction ix
r 2 Roles of the Successful Organizer
I. The Foot Soldier 5
2. The Evangelist I I
3· The Recruiter IS
4. The Group Builder 27
s. The Strategist 3I  read more »

Anton Ciliga - The Kronstadt Revolt


The Kronstadt Revolt by Anton Ciliga, Freedom Press, 1942.

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