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Fat Joe: I'm a fan of "yo. i'm gay. the fuck."


How to Destroy the World


“For as long as there have been names, there have been witches. From rebellions against feudal lords in the Middle Ages to queer riots at cafes to insurrections against the institutions of slavery and colonization, we have fought for thousands of years.”

A text on identity, power, crime, magic, and the end of the world from the Ignorant Research Institute (MKE).

How to Be an Ally to the Shame Weekend Survivor


"Veronika [a Chicago activist who experiences transmisogyny] needs allies to stand up and say that the sexual autonomy of trans women should be respected, trans women should not be outed, and trans women should not be erased from our history."

Taking the Cake: An Illustrated Primer on Asexuality (online readable version)

taking the cake - readable online-1.jpg

Same as "Taking the Cake: An Illustrated Primer on Asexuality," but in easy-to-read-online format rather than print-and-staple format, because I got requests for it. Although I don't know why it decided to give itself huge borders when I converted from .pub to .pdf.



GLAMARCHY NOW! 1st & only edition: MASTURBATE YOUR MIND - created by Queer & Trans POC activists @ UC Davis in 2010

Vancouver Rape Relief Does Not Support All Survivors

Rape Relief Intervention Pamphlet-1.jpg

For a recap of the action where this pamphlet was distributed, see:

Taking the Cake: An Illustrated Primer on Asexuality

An short illustrated asexuality 101 zine, with colorable pages and lots of resources.

Sonogram of a potential


Sonogram of a potential, [echographie d’une puissance], from tiqqun #2.
reformatted for 8.5x11

Playbook for Progressives: 16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer


Playbook for Progressives: 16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer by Eric Mann

Introduction ix
r 2 Roles of the Successful Organizer
I. The Foot Soldier 5
2. The Evangelist I I
3· The Recruiter IS
4. The Group Builder 27
s. The Strategist 3I  read more »

Filth #1

Filth #1

This zine features interviews with and articles on different community groups in Montreal and Toronto that are doing grassroots, intersectional queer-positive organizing. This will be the first of many to come. Stay tuned!

Prison Abolitionist, The : Volume 1-3

ZINE 01.jpg

This is Volumes 1-3 of the Prison Abolitionist centered in Richmond, VA. We focus mainly on issues surrounding the oppressive institution of the prison industrial complex. This is an 8 page zine that is easily printed, folded and cut. Great to just stick in your pocket for great reference!


Promises And Pitfalls of Privilege Politics, The


Put together by some anti-state pro-revolutionaries for a workshop panel discussion at the 2012 NYC Anarchist Bookfair.

Relationships and Concepts of Oppression: The Gay Liberation Front, The Stonewall Riot, and Communal Living Projects

Here's some awesome articles by a couple of heros. Sylvia Rivera was one of the most amazing people the struggle has ever seen. Keith Birch was an activist in the Gay Liberation Front in the 1970s. There is just so much awesome in this zine.

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