Prisons and Police

Know Your Rights

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The National Lawyers Guild's "You Have the Right to Remain Silent" a booklet explaining rights in regards to FBI and local law enforcement.

To Libertarians (a much nicer version)


"Organizations pass, but subversion will never stop being loved."

A great text about prisoners and solidarity, released under the moniker "International Friends" in August 1980 and currently attributed to that Debord guy. Signed by 25,000 people upon it's release, it plead for the release of Basque political prisoners in the spirit of revolutionary solidarity.  read more »

4 Struggle Mag Issue #19


Summer 2011

from the hearts and minds of north american political prisoners and friends

Download at: (15.5 mb)

4 Struggle Mag Issue #17


Fall/ Winter 2010

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When they knock down your front door, how're you gonna come?


Reflections on the GAMMA squad, an anti-anarchist police force in Montreal.


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Full Introduction from the publication:  read more »

Die Praktiken von Staats - und Verfassungsschutz am Beispiel Hamburg 1980


"Die Praktiken von Staats - und Verfassungsschutz am Beispiel Hamburg 1980". Einige Leute haben über einen langen Zeitraum den Funkverkehr der politischen Polizei, des Staatsschutz und des Verfassungsschutz in Hamburg abgehört. In dieser Broschüre haben sie einen Teil ihrer Erkenntnisse veröffentlicht.  read more »

Tiqqun - Introduction to Civil War

Tiqqun - Introduction to Civil War

"Society no longer exists, at least in the sense of a differentiated whole. There is only a tangle of norms and mechanisms through which THEY hold together the scattered tatters of the global biopolitical fabric, through which THEY prevent its violent disintegration. Empire is the administrator of this desolation, the supreme manager of a process of listless implosion."  read more »

We Give A Shit: An Analysis of the Pittsburgh G20


This is the third pamphlet in the Tactical Analysis Series. Part analysis of tactical movements, part action history, part tactical theory paper, this pamphlet was written as the result of 2 months of tactical research following the G20 demonstrations in Pittsburgh.  read more »

Against Pacifist Linearity


This is the second pamphlet of the Tactical Analysis Series. Following Gelderloos we can all say that pacifism is tactically problematic, but why?  read more »

Primer To Police Crowd Control Tactics and Frameworks, A


This pamphlet is the first in the Tactical Analysis Series. Based on a workshop by the same name this text will walk you through police situation analysis, especially as it pertains to crowd control situations, the order of analysis, tactical operations and their strengths and weaknesses, hand signals, formations and movements and terrain analysis.  read more »

Accounts and Analyses Regarding the Current Situation in Indiana State Prisons


This is a statement of fact and analysis written collaboratively between folks on the inside and the outside of Indiana prisons. Our goal here is to contribute to opposing and actively resisting all forms of domination, be they imposed directly by the state or manifested through structural inequalities and prejudices.

Indiana: Solidarity With Wabash Valley SHU Protests


Emergency call-in days August 1 and 2!

The call-in days are Monday, August 1 and Tuesday, August 2nd. Wabash Valley administration can be reached at (812) 398-5050. The Indiana Department of Corrections commissioner can be reached at (317) 232-5711  read more »

Get To Know Your Police Officers, Portland Oregon July 2011


“Get to Know Your Police Officers” Portland, Oregon (JULY 2011 update) is a compilation of some of Portland's most violent and abusive cops, matching names with faces.  read more »

Interview from Segovia Prison with the Autonomous Groups


On the problem of armed struggle, the reactionary function of the CNT, & possible future developments of the anti-capitalist struggle.

By the comrades of the Spanish Federation of Anarchist Groups (F.I.G.A.)  read more »

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