Prisons and Police

The Sun Also Rises by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire


A text of the anarchist guerrilla war by some imprisoned individuals of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Untorelli Press
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Lagar och Regler

A flyer for the freedom of all prisoners and Fire to the prisons.

En flyer för alla fångars frihet och Eld till alla fängelser.

On the recent occupations...

Occupy communique from the Baltimore Feminist Reading Group // Women and Trans* Conspiracy from Hell (W.A.T.C.H.)

Supporting the Prisoners of the G20 Police State


"What more human response could there be to a financial district—an urban space devoid of life, deprived of affordable rents, scoured of autonomous livelihoods, subordinated to the needs of traffic and commerce, held under the eye of surveillance cameras, occupied by police, and plagued with corporate outlets and banks—than to destroy it?"  read more »

Letters from Anarchist Prisoners of the "Bombs Case" in Chile


This document is a collection of letters from the Chilean anarchist “Bombs Case” prisoners, in an effort to share and spread their ideas beyond the prison walls.  read more »

Support Imprisoned Comrades: Toronto G20 “Main Conspiracy Six”


On November 22, 2011, six of our friends pled guilty to counselling charges for organizing to disrupt the Toronto G20 summit in June, 2010. Erik Lankin, Adam Lewis and Peter Hopperton began serving jail sentences of 3-5.5 months on November 28, 2011. Leah Henderson expects to be sentenced to 10 months on December 20, 2011. Mandy Hiscocks expects to be sentenced to 16 months on January 13.  read more »

James Carr, the Black Panthers and all that

A lovely reprint of the BM BLOB/News From Everywhere afterword to James Carr's autobiography, BAD. This zine has floated around for the past couple years, but hasn't made it online before now. It's as relevant as ever though in its summary/indications regarding the following critical topics:

*radical critique of armed struggle *organizational rackets  read more »

Sand im Getriebe der Macht - Beiträge gegen Knast, gegen soziale Kontrolle, für Widerstand

Sand im Getriebe der Macht-1981.jpg

Wir haben die Broschüre "Sand im Getriebe der Macht - Beiträge gegen Knast, gegen soziale Kontrolle, für Widerstand" gefunden und digitalisiert. Sie wurde 1981 von "Autonome Knast- und Widerstands Gruppen aus verschiedenen Städten" herausgegeben und befasst sich mit den verschiedenen Facetten von Knast aus autonomer/anarchistischer Perspektive.  read more »

We Knew it Would Happen #OccupyOakland


At the time of this writing I am filled with rage. Occupy Oakland, on its second week, was raided by an overwhelming force of approximately 800 police in riot gear. I was there, ready to defend when police from all entrances to Oscar Grant Plaza rushed in with sticks and began beating people. Their tactics were simple but effective: rush in with overwhelming numbers and push out those that intended to stay for a fight, slowly crush resilience of those who took up the tactic of civil disobedience by linking arms and protecting the camp. They beat people with sticks, shot people with rubber bullets, obliterated ear-drums with flash-bang grenades, and choked them with tear gas.

On The Recent #Occupations: A Communique from the Women and Trans* Conspiracy from Hell

communique final-1.jpg


from the zine:  read more »

Anarchist Magic the Gathering Deck!

Anarchist Magic Deck (PRINT + BACKS)-1.jpg

No, you didn't read it wrong: it's an anarchist Magic: the Gathering deck fully laid out for printing! Nerdy anti-authoritarians everywhere, rejoice!  read more »

Ignite! #2 October 2011


October’s Ignite! #2 has hit the streets! Featuring reporting on the upcoming O22 demonstrations, legal victories, local news about prison slave labor, nefarious police stings, the Black Mesa indigenous solidarity caravan, #occupydenver and plenty more. We are happy to say that Ignite! #2 is four pages longer than our first issue.  read more »

Why it's Not a Good Idea to Talk to Police


This is a simple, well-worded flyer that explains the perils of talking to police. Feel free to print them and distribute them widely, especially if attending one of the ever-popular "occupy" protests.

Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike flier


Developments on Palestinian Prisoners' Hunger Strike - Action Needed

 read more »

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