Prisons and Police

Attacking Prisons at the Point of Production: A Brief Look at Militant Actions Against the Military Industrial Complex


"The prisoners of democracy are not only contesting the prison policies of one government, but are also openly challenging the principle of detention itself."



by Michael Burgess

This is Not a Gang Symbol


Rob Thaxton Statement from the Hole

Never Give In


Resistance to the Portland Grand Jury

Law and Morality


by Craig Rosebraugh 1998

Be Good to Yourself


A self-care manual for inmates living with HIV
by the AIDS Project Los Angeles 1993

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Grand Jury Comix


First printing 1975

***This copy is incomplete and has several pages missing. There may also be updated case-law since 1975.***

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George Jackson Black Revolutionary


by Walter Rodney
November 1971

Free the SF 8

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info from Committee for the Defense of Human Rights

Murder Charges Against Former Black Panthers Based on Confessions Extracted by Torture

Conspiracy count dropped against five of the eight – see details (December 4).

Nobel Peace Prize laureates issue International Call for justice for the San Francisco 8 – see full text (November 30).  read more »

Anti-Immigrant Hypocrisy: Selections to Expose and Oppose Legislation, Law Enforcement and Vigilantes


Selections from the blog at spanning late 2006 through early 2007, Anti-Immigrant Hypocrisy: Selections to Expose and Oppose Legislation, Law Enforcement and Vigilantes covers a variety of issues in this important time in recent history. Some national/international issues, but mostly local to Arizona, which is where most people consider ground zero on the "illegal" immigration issue. Lots of commentary on mainstream media coverage and the attempts to make it more difficult for undocumented immigrants to live in this area.  read more »

CopWatch Handbook


An introduction to citizen monitoring of the police

NSA Surveillence and the Case of Sherman Austin


by Sherman Austin

Blood in My Eye

Be Prepared for the Cops

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