Prisons and Police

Political Prisoners' Birthdays in April 2011 Poster


For the archives, the political prisoners' birthdays in April poster. Please download and use for a letter writing night in your town! Post it in your infoshop or bookstore or cafe'. It's 8 and a half by 11 this time. Feel free to enlarge it on a copier.

As If They Were Human: A Different Take on Perpetrator Accountability


This zine contains three articles by Tod Augusta-Scott, a social worker who works with men who have battered, abused, or used sexual violence. He has a novel approach to leading the men to take responsibility for their own actions and be accountable. This approach is based in challenging gender essentialism, listening to the men, and helping them develop new stories for their lives.  read more »

Delete Me, I'm so Ugly | New IEF text on Madness & Despair


Forty years ago, the Socialist Patients Collective, embarked on a project to turn illness into a weapon. To hold on to the fear and paranoia that dresses our despair in its most vibrant colors; to claim that experience as valid, and as the very condition on which modern capitalism reduces sense, claim bodies as its subjects, and functions to generalize alienation. The gun followed shortly.  read more »

For My Sisters - And The Burden We Share


For My Sisters is a zine written by mothers experiencing incarceration in Vermont. The first issue "And The Burden We Share" was created during a 6-session workshop hosted by Kids-A-Part. To write to the authors, request printed copies, or any other concerns/questions about the zine please email

Crime & Community


A look at the failures of our current criminal justice system, and the potential of restorative justice programs as an alternative. Particular attention is payed to the institution of juvenile justice.

Race War or Social War?


"Anti-Immigrant measures set the terms for low-intensity, slow motion race war – the targeting of entire populations for harassment and imprisonment by armed police, who are justified institutionally and by nationalist and racist ideologies. Allowing these measures means walking the path of submission, accepting as natural the divisions imposed within the working class by Capital and state.  read more »

But won't they steal our jobs?


It's not necessarily the question at hand...

A poster about Indiana's proposed SB 1070 copycat law, SB 590.

Now Serving Felonies - An illustrated zine from the confines of prison.

Now Serving Felonies

The story flows as a collection of images and words from both HERT (Ian Debeer) and MFONE (Daniel Montano). It speaks to where they are at right now, what conclusions and questions they drawn, and the beautiful works that touched our lives. The zine also draws the clear distinction between revolutionary objectives and the states role.

Strangers Everywhere: Solidarity With Immigrants

Straight outta the Midwest, where struggles against anti-immigrant repression are heating up.

Enemies | Rapists


Rapists, part 4 of the Enemies poster series from the Institute Experimental Freedom

From the opening paragraph:  read more »

Enemies | Police


This is "police." Part 2, of the Enemies poster series from the Institute for Experimental Freedom

From the opening paragraph:  read more »

Enemies | Introduction | RIP DEMOCRACY LOL


This is the introductory poster of a 4 part series from the Institute for Experimental Freedom

From the opening paragraph:  read more »

Proposals: A North Carolina Prisoner Newsletter


Proposals: A North Carolina Prisoner Newsletter

This is the first issue of a brand new publication devoted to exploring the connections between anarchists on the outside and prisoners on the inside; it's filled to the brim with prison-related news, reportbacks from prisoners, and discussions of strategy, tactics, and theory.  read more »

ACAB #5 Guelph ABC Newsletter


ACAB #5, January 2011 issue of the Guelph ABC newsletter is now available for distribution!

Contents include:
- Support Roger Clement
- On Trial by Alex Hundert
- Support Political Prisoners of the G20
- Prison Revolts
- Ottawa TDOR
- New Years Eve Noise Demos
- Struggle Against Prison: Action Reports
- Prisoners Strike in Georgia
- RNC Prisoner Gay-Bashed  read more »

Take Your Mark, Get Ready, Ablate: 3 Positions Against Prison


The following is a brief but thorough statement on prisons and those who would contest them. It offers a broad critique of many commonly-held assumptions and positions that could characterize leftist and anarchist political practice with regard to prison and prisoners.  read more »

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