Disorderly Conduct #5


Spring 2002

revoltingly yours,

the "Bring on the Ruckus" Society

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Against Technology


A talk by John Zerzan April 23, 1997

Disorderly Conduct #4


Fall 2001

an insurrectionary green-anarchist quarterly

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Disorderly Conduct #6


winter-spring 2003

revoltingly yours by the "bring on the ruckus society"

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Indwiloq, a green anarchist creation myth and fable

Indwiloq PRINT-1.jpg

This zine is exactly what the title implies, a fable with an undertone of green anarchism that hopefully teaches a very important moral. Written for adults and children alike!

Feel free to visit for more free anarchist literature.

Skinning, Tanning, & Working Animal Hides

Skinning, Tanning, & Working Hides PRINT-1.jpg

This zine is a DIY guide to skinning, tanning, and softening animal hides without the use of industrial chemicals.



We present this publication attempting to answer the questions that first arise around antitechnology and also with the aim of raising awareness on the subject.

We recommend you read these texts in the woods, where the fanzine and we belong.

Make as many copies as you want, send it to anyone to whom it may interest.

Distribute it if you wish. Antitechnology is a non-profit publication, the price, if any, can’t exceed printing costs.

Edible, Medicinal, & Utilitarian Plants, Volume I

Edible, Medicinal, & Utilitarian Herbs, Volume I  MK2Edit  PRINT-1.jpg

This is the first volume in a series of zines involving plants that can be used as food, medicine, and functional tools. Volume I details "weeds" and common plants that can be found worldwide.

Please visit Yggdrasil Distro at for more free anarchist literature.

BLOODLUST: a feminist journal against civilization

Green anarchist journal for the total destruction of civilization and patriarchy. Toward feminism that is explicitly against civilization. Toward a primitivism that is explicitly queer and feminist.

Revolution and/or Insurrection: Some Thoughts on Tearing This Muthafucka Down


by Kevin Tucker
originally found in Species Traitor 2 (check that shit out)

reproduced by Wormwood 2009
make total destroy

Wandering of Humanity, The by Jacques Camatte


Original Black & Red Introduction  read more »

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