Xin Xin Ming: Song of the Faithful Mind (a guide to primal consciousness)


Written by Sengchan, the third Zen patriarch of China, this is a classic treatise on returning to primal consciousness. It dovetails well with John Zerzan’s “Langauge: Origin and Meaning”, “Running on Emptiness”, and “Silence”. In case you were wondering what unreified, unmediated consciousness looks like, the Xin Xin Ming is a way to find out for yourself.  read more »

For Those With Visions of the Apocolypse

for those with visions of the apocolypse - print-1.jpg

This zine is addressed to all the people who have already seen the inevitable ruins, whether in devastating visions, longing daydreams, or right before their eyes. It’s 2012, the year of prophecy, and more than ever we are not only afraid that we will see the world we know come to ruins, we desperately hope it will. This is a promising sign.  read more »

Deconstructing Agriculture - A Critique of Civilization and a Case Study of Perennial Crop Production

Final Dissertation-1.jpg


A zine surveying literature on the fundamental unsustainability of civilization.

Jacques Camatte - The Wandering of Humanity


We made this oldie reaaal pretty this go 'round.
Wormwood Press

Paul Shepard - (Introduction to) Nature & Madness


Introduction to Paul Shepard's Nature & Madness (1982).
Designed and Distributed by Wormwood Press.

Liberate Not Exterminate by the Curious George Collective (better reprint)


In Liberate Not Exterminate the Curious George Brigade argue that contrary to some anti-civilization assertions, cities can be both environmentally sustainable and free from both the state and capital. Further the hive of culture and thought that cities uniquely facilitate is very much in line with anarchism.

Svar på Deep Green Resistance av Kevin Tucker

Swedish translation of Kevin Tuckers Response to Deep Green Resistance.

The New Age of Sail by Dmitry Orlov

A sailboat is not the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating the range of useful responses to the set of intractable global problems that confront us. Nor the second. But once it does, a bit of further study makes it apparent that few things will possess greater long-term utility in the changed circumstances we should all be expecting.  read more »

Anarchist Magic the Gathering Deck!

Anarchist Magic Deck (PRINT + BACKS)-1.jpg

No, you didn't read it wrong: it's an anarchist Magic: the Gathering deck fully laid out for printing! Nerdy anti-authoritarians everywhere, rejoice!  read more »

Plants Gone Wild: Redefining Ethical Wildcrafting

plants g wild-1.jpg

This brilliant zine presents a critique of wildcrafting (i.e. harvesting medicinal plants and herbs from the wild) that comes from a perspective rooted in decolonization and indigenous solidarity. It asks what ethical wildcrafting looks like for herbalists who are also settlers in North America.  read more »

Open Minds #1


What you have in your hands is a collective zine that is meant to raise public awareness and also give the opportunity to anyone who wants to participate, share knowledge, personal experience or even get in touch with each other but specially get to you the reader. Why?  read more »

In Defense of Conan the Barbarian: The Anarchism, Primitivism, & Feminism of Robert Ervin Howard

Conan Zine (PRINT)-1.jpg

This zine explores the politics and social issues in R.E. Howard's original Conan the Barbarian yarns. It seeks to (and hopefully succeeds at) dismantling the pop-culture concept of Conan as a dude-bro meat-head jock, revealing the politically-charged Conan of Howard's mythos.

Pataphysical Vibrations Issue 2 "Summer in the Light and Winter in the Shade"

Helleborus orientalis

This second time around we created an open invitation for the public to submit writings, pictures, and music in the theme of "Spring". We took the title, "Summer in the Light and Winter in the Shade" from a quotation by Charles Dickens as it neatly and very nicely captures the season.  read more »

Civilization McDonald's Kid De-Motivational Poster

Civilization McDonald's Kid De-motivational Poster

Part of a continuing series of anti-civ posters using dictionary definitions of civilization and shocking images to promote primitivist politics.

Civilization Intellect De-Motivational Poster

Civilization Intellect De-Motivational Poster

This de-motivational poster is part of a series using dictionary definitions and amazing and horrifying images to demean, discredit, and vilify civilization. Enjoy!

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