Barack Obama Made Me an Anarchist

whoever they vote for, we are ungovernable

february 2010: the story of my personal/political journey...

to read on your computer, download "obama made me an anarchist"

Losing an illusion


a collection of essays on society and politics

Justice Bicycle-Banana Split Edition

banana split edition-1.jpg

Justice Bicycle is a monthly zine committed to the art of truth and truthiness. By using found objects, drawings, short stories and photographs the boundaries between what is original and what is appropriated become blurred. Zines are distributed for free by leaving them in unexpected or odd places, this forces the finder to either steal or leave the zine for someone else. The Justice Bicycle zine is a small part of a larger project by the same name which uses a variety of media to incite a private response within the viewer.

Negate Politics, Affirm Cuteness


At long last, we present to you Negate Politics, Affirm Cuteness. Expand the playground, kiss your best friend, etc.



Дура! Ты никому ненужна! Чудовище!
Тимати - жыв !
Шок, отец отрезал учительнице ногу. Видео! - здесь. (9.05 mb)

If They Only Knew #10


Answers for questions you may have for someone who traveled around Europe and West Africa for a few months.

Some Recent Actions Of The Imaginary Party


A zine from the NW, detailing the recent actions of the 'Imaginary Party'

zephyr: love & lessons on anatomy, autonomy and anarchy


zephyr, vol. 1: love&lessons in anatomy, autonomy, and anarchy
(now without technical difficulties)

inaugural issue, yo!
short nuggets on the finer things in life, namely:

stealing, sleep deprivation, sin,
politics, poetry, pretty pictures
awkwardness, anger, alcohol
existential crises, etc, etc, etc

there are no answers here. but there are guava trees and gender issues. read it already!

Love Manifesto by Crystal Folz


My original plan was to write an essay about women and their relationships.

The more I studied, the more questions I asked my friends, the more I realized I am probably more upset about the state of women’s relationships than they are.

I’m not sure how many issues of this zine there will be.

I only know they will all question what I have been taught to believe about men, what I have learned from women, and my observations and experience with both genders.  read more »

most beautiful word in the english language is... resist


poems by ellen marie hinchcliffe

Essentialism and the Problem of Identity Politics


by Lawrence Jerach

from Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed Fall/Winter 2004/05

Beyond Amnesty


from 325 Distro

Against Amnesia

against amnesia-1.jpg

On amnesia and the colonization of memory, abandoning imagination and the misery that accompanies it. For online reading and source see link below.

The zine should be printed on a single piece of paper. Fold it half twice (long-ways first), staple it and use a letter opener or something to cut open the unstapled fold.

negativity is the new posi



Salt Lake City, Utah, US
November-December 2008

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