Organizing Manuals

Solidarity Unionism at Starbucks


This zine may be copyrighted.

Anonymous Riot Guid

Guide to dealing with riots put together by the anons at Anonymous. In both English and Arabic.

Organise a Community Union: Beyond Resistance (NZ)


Zine produced in response to the Christchurch Earthquake of February 22, 2011. While focused on this event there are valuable ideas for any community organizer.

As If They Were Human: A Different Take on Perpetrator Accountability


This zine contains three articles by Tod Augusta-Scott, a social worker who works with men who have battered, abused, or used sexual violence. He has a novel approach to leading the men to take responsibility for their own actions and be accountable. This approach is based in challenging gender essentialism, listening to the men, and helping them develop new stories for their lives.  read more »

From Dictatorship to Democracy


could be some useful stuff in this...

By Gene Sharp

Anti-Mass Methods of Organization for Collectives

Anti-Mass Cover

Written in 1971 in America, arguing that only class activity, organized in collectives, can achieve liberation, with suggestions on how thus to organize.

Community How To: Theory, Communication, and Creation

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Community How To Updated

Community theory, communication, and ideas and resources for starting a community with The Lorax Manner Student Cooperative in Eugene, Oregon, as a case study.

By Sage, Lorax Manner Student Cooperative Resident Fall 2009 – Fall 2010. Updated December 2010


I Introduction (3)
II Sense of community (3)
A Membership (3)  read more »

Security Culture, an Audience Interactive Sock Puppet Farce.


A light and entertaining introduction to the basics of security culture, with lots of stupid sock-based puns.

If you like it, feel free to make your own performance of it!

Find it at Columbus ABC's website:

So That We May Soar: Horizontalism, Intersectionality, and Prefigurative Politics


coil.losangeles (at)
anotherpoliticsispossible (at)

Anarchist Reader, An : For Effective Organizing


Back to the Roots: Anarchists as Revolutionary Organisers by Ian Martin
From Reform to Revolution by Ian Martin
The Intersections of Anarchism and Community Organising by Dave
Active Revolution by James Mumm

How to Promote Events: A Radical/DIY Guide

How to Promote Events

How to Promote Events: 16 page zine adapted from original text by the Beehive Design Collective.  This file (PDF, 11MB)  read more »

SDS Organizing Guide 2010


Student power for accessible education

Practical Guide to Anarchist Organisation, A


by Andrew Flood

Commune, The: Community Control of the Poor community


an organizing manual for community activists

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