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Curiously collaborative · Indignantly Independent · Disgustingly DIY

RockPaperScissors Radio is a weekly show presented for Australian community radio and podcasting alongside the monthly RockPaperScissors zine. Content developed and produced by the RPS Crew.  read more »

Leave Me Alone Zine #5


Leave Me Alone is a zine from Cluj-Napoca,Romania. It is a collection of interviews and essays from within the hardcore punk community.


white male punk rock_0-1.jpg

Two page poster/leaflet listing privileges in a hardcore punk context.
Good for shows/fests/spaces :-)

FIX MY HEAD: Issue Two. The Lady Issue

Issue Two Cover

Hardcore punk zine, interviews with women, queer folk and non-white folk in hardcore/punk bands.
Featuring Deathrats, Pettybone, Siamese Twins/Ampere, Battle of Wolf 359/Lich, Good Throb/Tortura, Mellow Yellow Aotearoa, Agatha and the Christies, and interview on Community Accountability.  read more »

Der Liedermacher Franz Josef Degenhardt ist tot

Spiel nicht mit den Schmuddelkindern

Eine traurige Nachricht, vor allem für die "Älteren" unter uns. Kaum jemand hat die Hässlichkeit, die Ressentiments und die Lächerlichkeit des deutschen Spießbürgertums genauer auf den Punkt gebracht, als Degenhardt in seinen Liedern.  read more »

The Guide to writing a ROCK & RAP song(In 5 Easy Steps)

Here is how to Create your very own ROCK & RAP song!

1-First you need to know what its going to be about, think about something in your life, or something you hate, like or anything involving something in YOUR life.

2-Now that you picked something in your life think of words to SUMMARIZE it in and write it down, must be 4-5 lines/sentences long(this will be your chorus).  read more »

blackhole, byebye - glossolalia (album art and lyric booklet)


For some reason zinelibrary won't allow me to upload this .pdf.
Please download here:

This zine contains liner notes, lyrics, and 20 individual panels relating to the tracks on the blackhole, bye bye album entitled "glossolalia".  read more »

Don't Say Folk Punk!


A zine I wrote a while back. The first half is an essay about the DIY ethic and the Folk Punk music scene. The second half features interviews I did with artists such as Pat the Bunny, Chicken Little!, Jessie Williams, Paul Baribeau, Chris Clavin, The Wild and more! I hope you enjoy! email me if you are at all interested in a hard copy... thanks!!!


Guide to Liberating Software and Music 101, The

The Guide to Liberating Software and Music 101-1.jpg

It sucks when you don't have money to buy the software to hack into someone's computer. Don't worry, my Freegan Hacker!  read more »

Planet Slime Presents: MAGNITUDE w/ Daniel Johnston


This interview was done over the phone with one of my favorite visual artists/songwriters, Dan Johnston. this is the printed version, my tumblr/issuu account will host the online version, under planetslime. enjoy!

Open Minds #1


What you have in your hands is a collective zine that is meant to raise public awareness and also give the opportunity to anyone who wants to participate, share knowledge, personal experience or even get in touch with each other but specially get to you the reader. Why?  read more »

ChimpanZine, The #5


-Flying Dark (into Iraq)

-Test Your Patriotism Quiz

-Thoughts From Jacob Brunner (On Diegetic Sounds + On Self-Generated Systems and Telling)

VACANT LOT, Vancouver Punk Zine, 1978


Make Your Own Portable Sound System

DIY Portable Sound Systems

This zine provides how-to instructions for constructing a basic, low-cost, highly portable (as in sling it over your shoulder) sound system for demos, parties, or whatever. A tried and tested method, but it surely could be vastly improved upon as the author is not an expert. This zine is excerpted from the Engineering Social Justice and Peace zine, (Re)Construct Vol.  read more »

Distraction Zine #2


this zine is about personal diy hc/punk scene in Indonesia.

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