Dealing with Distractions: Confronting green capitalism in copenhagen and beyond


Just in time for the COP15! a zine which collects new and recent texts dealing with the climate crisis from a variety of anticapitalist viewpoints. How does the fight over the climate crisis fit into the fight against the capitalist system. Climate change is the symptom, capitalism is the crisis!

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Movement #1


"MOVEMENT" is the re-named and re-launched newsletter from the No Borders Network in the UK.

We hope to create a periodical which draws in other groups, organisations and individuals who resist the border regime.  read more »

Angry Brigade, The



Documents and chronology

Strange Defeat: The Chilean Revolution

Strange Defeat

Strange Defeat: The Chilean Revolution, 1973 - Pointblank!

An article by Situationist group Pointblank! written in October 1973 about the coup in Chile which deposed elected left-wing leader Salvador Allende.

Instead of blaming the right and the CIA for the coup like most commentators on the left, Pointblank! point out the role that Allende and the parties of the left played in demobilising the powerful working class, undermining their strength and eventually signing their own death warrants by refusing to arm them

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Beyond Zombie Politics


This short and incomplete critique of efforts to resist the restructuring of higher education in California is written from a sympathetic standpoint. Without claiming to know what the best vision or path forward is we offer only the recognition of problems which we feel have so far gone unacknowledged in the rhetoric and strategies of many faculty, students, and workers as they oppose the plans of the state’s elite policy makers to increase flow of private funds, raise fees, reduce salaries, cut programs, and more.


Not So Great Place #2


Issue #2 of The Not So Great Place, the unofficial, unauthorized, underground newspaper - The Not So Great Place

Issue #2 features...

* Fog of War
* Loss of a Son
* From the Editor’s Desk
* Letters
* Afghanistan War Resister Sentenced
* Meeting Meena
* Cartoons
* Leo’s Story
* Fort Hood War Resisters
* Resources

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Invisible Politics: An Introduction to Contemporary Communisation


An essay originally appearing in Mute magazine:

In the wake of the organised left and the demise of working class self-identity, communisation offers a paradoxical means of superseding capitalism in the here and now whilst abandoning orthodox theories of revolution. John Cunningham reports from the picket line of the ‘human strike'  read more »

Catechism of the Revolutionist


by Sergei Nechayev


Detention Centers & Desert Camps Workshop


Notes on strategy and logistics from the Detention Centres & Desert Camps Workshop

Given at the Tucson No Borders Gathering

February 16-18, 2007

How is it to be done? - Zine- (Tiqqun)

Tiqqun - How is it to be done - English (imposed version)-1.jpg

a translation originally appearing on the Tarnac 9 blog, but which has since been removed. this is the imposed pdf intended for printing.

note: this is a draft translation. if you can read French, you should really rely on the original, as, although decent overall, this translation loses some subtleties in the language (e.g. the use of "écart", or the impersonal pronoun "on" which is hard to translate, and so on).

the text addresses issues such as their notion of 'human strike', of 'whatever singularity', of the difference between individuality and the common, and so on.

Nihilist Communism - Cruelty


Nihilist Communism - Cruelty or the Inclusion of the Distributive Sphere

by Monsieur Dupont

This is not the full text. Hit up for a more complete reading.

Chiapas and Montana: Tierra y Libertad


"The Left in this country has been irrelevant since it blinked in the face of revolution in late 1969. The staid intellectuals who have been made comfortable in the role of “Loyal Opposition,” deserve a pie in the face and the eternal shame that our history will write for them. They squawk in confusion as a broad mass movement (including people of every “color” and “caste”) has been organized for the expressed purpose of defending and increasing individual and community autonomy.  read more »

Unseen, The by Nanni Balestrini


The early 1970s were years when Italian cities reverberated with political chants, wildcat strikes and utopian demands. Everlasting meetings convened in dry, dusty rooms full of cigarette smoke, with many of the young participants busy looking for ways to get by without regular jobs, spinning out their college careers. This was the time the Italians call the ‘Years of Conflict’ (gli anni di contestazione) or, more bleakly, the ‘Years of Lead’ (as in bullets).  read more »

Not So Great Place - #1


Issue #1 of The Not So Great Place

an underground newspaper published by anti-war active duty soldiers, veterans and their supporters at Fort Hood, TX

Find out more about this publication at:

(the title comes from Fort Hood's official slogan "The Great Place")

Strike, Riot and Fire Among the Garment Workers - a working class revolt in Bangladesh

Picture 1.png

Mass working class revolt has been raging in Bangladesh for several months: garment workers fighting for improved wages and conditions... Farmers fighting destruction of their livelihoods by open cast mining... Mass insurrection against power cuts...  read more »

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