Chicago Anti-Racist Action Zine Archive


South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action is making available several old-school ARA zines published many years ago by Chicago ARA.


ARA Research Bulletin #1 May 2001 (No Tears for the Nazis, No Support for the State, The Enemy of Our Enemy: the Southern Poverty Law Center “Badjackets” Anarchists, The Third Position, The New Face of Resistance: White Music for White Sheep, Hale and Brimstone, and News from the Front Lines)  read more »

The Riot or the Attack?: Questions for U.S. Anarchists after May Day


What happened in Asheville on May Day was not a riot, and not because of its size or any matter of scale. A riot expands. It is spontaneous, or it takes hold amidst a backdrop of social struggle. Countersummits provide the unique opportunity of a planned riot, because there is a larger crowd of people assembled there among whom the riot can spread, and the mass protest situation already creates such a logistical nightmare for the police that the risk, normally idiotic, of trying to start a riot right where the cops are expecting it is often neutralized.  read more »

Towards A Constructive Anarchism: the strategy of Beyond Resistance


Towards A Constructive Anarchism: the Strategy of Beyond Resistance (

Collated, ready to print PDF.

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad


from Wikipedia April 2010

formatted by pirate press, Oly cascadia  read more »

Anti-Prison Demo during G20 Convergence in Toronto, June 27 2010 (Flyer)


On Sunday, June 27 2010 there will be a Demonstration Against Prison in Toronto. Anarchists are organizing the demonstration as a part of the larger mobilization in opposition to the G20 meetings.

This is a statement of our perspective and intention for the demo, more details to come soon.

We want to expand our solidarity in struggle against prison. We want people to join us and directly confront the systems of social control. We want to be everything prison isn’t: uncontrollable, joyful, creative…

The location for this demo T.B.A.  read more »

Nights of Rage: On the Recent Revolts in France


by Filippo Argenti

City in the Female Gender, The

City in the Female Gender-1.jpg

The City in the Female Gender.
By Lia Magale.

Chiapas After Acteal: A View of Complicity


Download At: (14.1 mb)

A brief review of the positions of the people of the international civil society and the institutions with the international political society

A complitation of excerpts of articles from the mainstream press

"Masks and Silences" communique from Marcos

The 5th Declaration of the Lacadon Jungle

Chiapas Resource Guide from the EZLN;s Home Page

A glossary of names and words commonly seen in information about Chiapas including Zapatista support sites on the World Wide Web

Ruckus v.10 #2

Picture of cover

An independent newspaper for the University of Washington community by the Ruckus Collective. We are for participatory democracy, social justice, collective liberation, and resistance to killing the planet.

Volume 10, Issue 2, covers budget cuts in California and Washington; the exploitation of the Olympics; an analysis of The Vagina Monologues; details about climate disobedience; a report on the UW green fund; a local restaurant review; and a calendar of local events.

Consulta Zapatista 1999


Brigada Flores Magon

Wheeler Hall info packet


Statements from the (November 20th) Wheeler Occupiers at UC Berkeley.

Ruckus v.10 #1


An independent newspaper for the University of Washington community by the Ruckus Collective. We are for participatory democracy, social justice, collective liberation, and resistance to killing the planet.

Volume 10, Issue 1, covers budget cuts, anti-sweatshop work, queer rights victories, the tenth anniversary of the WTO protest, and college news media.

Dealing With Our Shit: Six Years of Men's Group and Accountability Work


This zine is by Dealing With Our Shit, a men's group for men and male-identified people from the Twin Cities who later took on the task of mentoring other males through accountability processes for sexual assault. It's over 100 pages of interviews, reflections, and analysis about their history, their experiences, and their effectiveness. A great resource for anyone interested in working on community response to sexual assault outside the prison/court system. Lots of art, too!

Download at: (7.42 mb)


(large file, beware!):  read more »

using space four


Using Space is a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living.

Issue four features a visit to a squatted land project in central Amsterdam, the UK national squat meet in Bristol, a rumination on social centres, a large squatting action in Sweden, a fotoreport from the Dutch national squatting day and some recycled newspaper reports.

A5, b&w, 36 pages inc. cover

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