six letters addressed to you


First published in 2010 this zine is composed of six handwritten letters addressed to unnamed recipients on a variety of topics ranging from Machiavelli and loneliness to Christianity and nature to addiction and unhealthy relationships to anarchy and nihilism to animals at the zoo to love and friendship.


The Palace of Exile: Fragments from the Notes of a Tourist in Prague

A situationist examination of a tourist’s trip to Prague, written by the tourist himself.

2.4 km in 12 min

"A war is run.
We run, both in offense and defense.
When you can't run, it's time to die."
-Seven Samurai

Winter is waning and spring will be a scorcher. And it's not just global
warming. People all around the globe are fired-up and looking to create a
better future. Are you and your affinity group ready for the warm, sunny days
ahead?  read more »

Liberate Not Exterminate by the Curious George Collective (better reprint)


In Liberate Not Exterminate the Curious George Brigade argue that contrary to some anti-civilization assertions, cities can be both environmentally sustainable and free from both the state and capital. Further the hive of culture and thought that cities uniquely facilitate is very much in line with anarchism.

Cyborg Manifesto, A by Donna Haraway


In the hugely influential A Cyborg Manifesto Donna Haraway criticizes traditional notions of Feminism, particularly it's emphasis on identity, rather than affinity. She explores the potential of the cyborg concept in order to construct a postmodern feminism that moves beyond dualisms and the limitations of traditional gender, feminism and politics.

The New Age of Sail by Dmitry Orlov

A sailboat is not the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating the range of useful responses to the set of intractable global problems that confront us. Nor the second. But once it does, a bit of further study makes it apparent that few things will possess greater long-term utility in the changed circumstances we should all be expecting.  read more »

When Should You Shoot a Cop?


"Basic logic dictates that you either have an obligation to LET “law enforcers” have their way with you, or you have the right to STOP them from doing so, which will almost always require killing them."

Dan Savage Un-welcoming Party! Pamphlet

Dan Savage Un-welcoming Party

Radical queers and their allies came together to form an un-welcoming party for Dan Savage on January 21, 2012, outside the Vogue Theatre on unceded Coast Salish Territories. After successfully glitter-bombing Dan Savage outside the theater, the Homomilitia handed out over 200 pamphlets (each with a tiny glitter packet stapled inside!) to people attending the talk.  read more »

Autobiographical Kaleidoscope

Autobiographical Kaleidoscope

by Franklin Rosemont

from Morning of the Machine Gun, May 1968

Communicating Vessels, Issue 22, Fall-Winter, 2010 - 2011, page 34  read more »

Promoting Your Union



The Forest Voice #1: Walking Man's Road

The Forest Voice #1: Cover

A new zine designed to celebrate the nonhuman (otherkin, therian) identity and offer a space for people who identify as nonhuman to communicate their feelings. This first issue, Walking Man's Road, is focused on how people with nonhuman identities adapt - or refuse to adapt - to living in a society dominated by humans.  read more »

Why Critical Mass?

Promotional/informational flier circulated at Critical Mass rides, which addresses the following issues:
* Problems with car culture
* Why ride a bike?
* Why Critical Mass?
* Why do some people dislike Critical Mass? (How to answer the critics)
* The future?

The Year of the fire

This is in large part a personal zine with letters reflecting on the past year, which ended up being transitional in nature for many of our authors. There was job loss, fires, relationships endings, and a general sense of hardship to overcome.

The zine also includes some winter recipes for chili, soup and vindaloo. Some DIY gift ideas, and radical christmas carols.



"?/" is a magazine published by dutch association "Weldaad" (Benefit), a network of activists that has it's roots in the squatters' movement. Members activities include adbusting, squatting, organizing anti-capitalist and animal rights demo's, an anarchist library, a solidarity fund, a "free shop", a vegan "people's kitchen", providing legal and juridical back-up for activists, and so on...  read more »

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