Contagious Liberation


Contagious Liberation was created as a working group of the Portland
Revolutionary Assembly in creating a regular radical zine focusing on what
is going on in Portland. If you are interested PRA, just send us an
email. PRA was started in Spring 2007 and is an anti-capitalist
anti-authoritarian assembly that's goals are collaboration, making smaller
groups more accessible, and mutual aid.

From Punk To Proudhon? A brief history of Garage Collective

Punk to Proudhon cover.jpg

Follow up to 'This is not a manifesto — towards an alternative design practice', this is a 2 page, double-sided zine on art, design and the ideas of Garage Collective. Mainly deals with the idea of cultural agitation and alternative practices.

Watts Riot, 1965, The


The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy

 by the Situationist International December 1965

Voice of Liberation, The


is it just us, or is the world pretty fucked up?

an underground high school zine from Red Bank Regional High School in Little Silver NJ 1996-1998

Download At:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/VoiceofLiberation.pdf (7.49 mb)

War on Misery #3


St. Louis Summer 2008


Radical Updates #2


Cuban Anarchism

Cuban Anarchism-1.jpg

Cuban Anarchism: The History of a Movement

Frank Fernandez

intro by Chaz Bufe 

Give Up Activism

Give Up Activism-1.jpg

classic essay critiquing activist culture

Disrupt the DNC! A Primer


Unconventional Denver is proud to announce the release of Expose this Sham Democracy- Disrupt the DNC!  read more »

Robert Paul Wolff - In Defense of Anarchism

Robert Paul Wolff - In Defense of Anarchism-1.jpg

Approaching anarchism through analytical philosophy.  1st ed 1970.  Whole book as printable HQ zine.

Babylon Burning


Infoshop.org Newsletter


Sept. 2-9 2004

How to Hide Anything


by Michael Conner

Serious Resistance is Serious Business


the Helen Woodson Story

US Political Prisoner 

Politicians Love Gun Control


reframing the debate about gun ownership

by Sweet Tea 

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