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Hey Uproot Collective is a spokescouncil of affinity groups in Fort Collins, CO.
This is the sort-of-monthly newsletter put out by Russell and Josh with contributions from anyone. Bear with us while we figure things out- they will get better over time!  read more »

Punk Rock Finances


Punk Rock Finances - a zine about understanding our relationship to money and how we can survive in a capitalist system while making deliberate choices to involve ourselves in it as little as possible. Has info about working out your budget and finances, as well as living more cheaply and surviving with working as little as possible.

Dumpster Dive - Doing it, and doing it well


Dumpster Diving - Doing it and Doing it Well. A short zine with tips, etiquette, and suggestions about the practice of dumpster diving. Also discusses the issues of privilege and who has access to dumpsters, its effect on class struggle and creating a sustainable movement. It's brief and don't go too in depth, but has good info.

Vasectomy Party


Vasectomy Party is a zine about how to get painless and free (in Washington State, anyway) vasectomies. It chronicles the story of Benji, a member of the SeattleDIY Collective and his quest for sterilization. Comics drawn by Aaron Wright. Includes a Frequently Asked Questions section. www.seattlediy.com

Communication and Conflict Resolution


An excellent booklet from a workshop by the Carrboro Dispute Settlement Center ( http://www.disputesettlement.org/ ). Contains an introduction to styles of conflict, nonviolent communication, basic strategies for conflict resolution, etc.

Learning Good Consent


A compilation zine about learning good consent, from the author of Doris zine and the Support zine.  For more like this, go here: http://www.phillyspissed.net/taxonomy/term/3

Conflict Resolution Circles


This is a handout from the Rock Dove Collective that provides an outline for an alternative model of dealing with conflict -- no police, no state, no hierarchy, no jail.  It's community-based and centers around bringing people who are affected by a conflict into a facilitated circle to talk about the issues and feelings that arise from the conflict.  A good beginning.

Also included is a word document with an example script outline for facilitators, as well as an outline of what circles are and aren't intended to do.

Herbs for Trauma


A zine on herbal medicine for trauma, with a focus on sexual assault.  The middle page of the zine only takes up half a sheet; it's doubled here, so just cut it in half.

Contagious Liberation Oct. 08 issue


Contagious Liberation is a Free Portland Radical zine and newsletter, mostly centered around anti-capitalism and anti-authoritarian ideas.

Oct. 2008 Issue

Caravan to Black Mesa

No Olympics 2010

Freak Bike Fall



From the Kitchen: Sexism, Anarchism and Men

From The Kitchen.jpg

In what is perhaps a first for Aotearoa Pakeha anarchists (please let us know if that isn't the case) 'From the Kitchen' is a zine devoted to the discussion of anarchist mens relationship/response to the feminist movement(s) and our own sexist behaviour. The zine isn't about pointing fingers but instead is done in the style of critical self-reflection by the authors about sexism in their own lives.

Topics in the first issue include:

Me(n) and Pornography
Slugs in the Sandpit - The Gendered politics of the garden
Meat Robots Unite  read more »

Anarchitecture: writings on architecture from an anarchist perspective


by Brian Heagney 2002-2004

So there I was...

a few weeks into my first semester of Architecture School and I was beginning to see everything through the eyes of anarchy, politics and social justice...

but especially anarchy

Struggle Is Our Inheritance: A Radical History of Minnesota, The


The WC has put out the first edition of a zine chronicling radical moments in Minnesota’s past.

Download At:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/minnradhistory.pdf (16.5 mb)


Introduction to the United States


An Autonomist Political History

by Noel  Ignatiev

Why You Should Not Trust The Church


by Scott Rittenhouse

Punk Planet X


Punk Planet x issue 1 created entirely by one person (me)

summer 2008

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