Magnet, The #1

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first installment of a biweekly zine about all the cool shit happening in ann arbor and ypsilanti...

Catamount Tavern News: "The Voice of the Vermont Left!" -Fall, 2008, #21


Catamount Tavern News was a leading statewide (underground) Vermont newspaper between the years 2002-2010. CT News was founded by the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective and was affiliated with the Teamsters Local 1L from 2007 on. At its hight CT News cerculation was 1,500 an issue, reaching all corners of Vermont. Vermont's total population is just over 600,000.

Inside This Issue:

*Vermont's General Election and the Future of the Green Mountain Electoral Left
By David van Deusen

By Doug Hoffer  read more »

The Red Pill Vol. 8 No. 3


In this Issue:

Many Question GJ Police Shooting

GJ Protests Police Brutality

The Four R's of Politics, Prisons, and Poverty

Nogales, A Town Divided: Photo Essay

Poverty and Class War

Tribute to Dennis Lowery

Red Pill News Briefs

Local Independent Media in Olympia


Ruckus v.10 #3


An independent newspaper for the University of Washington community by the Ruckus Collective. We are for participatory democracy, social justice, collective liberation, and resistance to killing the planet.

Volume 10, Issue 2, covers community organizing to defend jobs and education, health care, relief efforts in Haiti, Chase Bank and move your money, chocolate, and queer youth space in Seattle. Plus, reportbacks from the Vancouver Olympics and an occupation at Evergreen State College, and poetry by Dee Allen.  read more »

affective disorder - journal of common notions - spring 10

ablsh yr slf

[affective disorder [in the spring of a still-born decade]]

a friend once said:
no revolution is going to be generated
out of systemic
or structural laws.

we are on our own, and what we do
we have to do for ourselves.
we are the denizens
of a strange epoch,
the ‘given’ in a surreal situation.

while knowledge of space and time has been democratized, the
modes of inhabiting them (the modes of being) are controlled
more intensely than ever before. while sharing of information
is ubiquitous, understanding and love appear empty at best – at  read more »

Ruckus v.10 #1


An independent newspaper for the University of Washington community by the Ruckus Collective. We are for participatory democracy, social justice, collective liberation, and resistance to killing the planet.

Volume 10, Issue 1, covers budget cuts, anti-sweatshop work, queer rights victories, the tenth anniversary of the WTO protest, and college news media.

Collapse or Explosion?


An exploration in images and words of the most troubling political event of our new century.

by Liam Scheff. find out more at

Funboat diplomacy


'Funboat diplomacy' is a short satirical fact/fiction about the UK government's latest proposals to counter Internet piracy. This work builds on some of the rumours that were flying around the story.

Format: PDF booklet
Dave Miller (Summer 2009)

Megaphone Book, The


What: A zine on communication & media strategy for kick-ass activists. (Hi there kick-ass activist!)

RIVET 4 — The 'Art' Issue: Ideas on artistic praxis and anti-art

Rivet 4-1.jpg

Garage Collective presents the fourth and final installment of RIVET, with a special focus on ideas around 'art'. Filled with the usual graphics, quotes and opinion you'd expect from someone with complete control of the production process...  read more »

Unfinished Acts: The Oakland Rebellions


Unfinished Acts is a collective recounting and analysis of events surrounding the shooting of an unarmed 22-year-old Black man in Oakland. Oscar Grant III was executed by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officers during the first hours of 2009 on the platform of the Fruitvale station. The following pages include a few short histories of significant social movements to help contextualize the rebellions. This history acts as intermissions for a documentary dramatization (but factually correct!) of some of the events that unfolded in the streets during the first month of 2009.  read more »

Society of the Spectacle


A new reprint of Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle. Now made with a fancy hipster design for all your aesthetic needs.

From the Institute for Experimental Freedom

From the Kitchen: Sexism, Anarchism and Men

From The Kitchen.jpg

In what is perhaps a first for Aotearoa Pakeha anarchists (please let us know if that isn't the case) 'From the Kitchen' is a zine devoted to the discussion of anarchist mens relationship/response to the feminist movement(s) and our own sexist behaviour. The zine isn't about pointing fingers but instead is done in the style of critical self-reflection by the authors about sexism in their own lives.

Topics in the first issue include:

Me(n) and Pornography
Slugs in the Sandpit - The Gendered politics of the garden
Meat Robots Unite  read more »

Introduction to Media Literacy, An


The What, Why and How-To's

by David Considine 

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