Reasons for a Hostility, The

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a worth-it Guerra Sociale text explaining the failures of accepting the media as our ally

May Day Hype Issue: The Peak

May Day Issue of the Peak

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Table of Contents:

  • The First of May and the General Mother Earth (Mag.)
  • Memory as a Anonymous
  • Fallen Anonymous

Promoting Your Union



Ruckus UW Seattle Disorientation 2011


This is the Ruckus (dis)orientation guide to the University of Washington. It is an inversion of college orientation guides: it orients you about communities and cool activities around UW, and the things that are actually useful to know.  read more »

Cosmoqueer #2

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Cosmoqueer #2
The Disney issue

Ignite! #2 October 2011


October’s Ignite! #2 has hit the streets! Featuring reporting on the upcoming O22 demonstrations, legal victories, local news about prison slave labor, nefarious police stings, the Black Mesa indigenous solidarity caravan, #occupydenver and plenty more. We are happy to say that Ignite! #2 is four pages longer than our first issue.  read more »

ChimpanZine, The #6


The ChimpanZine #6


-Brand Name Reassurance

Ignite! #1 September 2011

Hello and welcome to Ignite! Denver’s Anarchist Newspaper. This is our inaugural issue and it contains a few communiques we picked up on the web, a piece from the Worker’s Solidarity Movement about Sacco and Vanzetti, and some reporting from Grand Junction and La Plata. We hope you really enjoy it! Visit us at

Hatred of Capitalism


A Semiotext(e) READER

EEdited by Chris Kraus and Sylvere Lotringer


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Page 2

Page 3

Hatred of Capitalism

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ChimpanZine, The #4


-Alternative Universe Response to the Death of Osama Bin Laden

-Big Chief Cameron (Patriarchy in "Avatar")

ChimpanZine, The #3


-A Preemptive Eulogy for the American Attention Span


Make Your Own Portable Sound System

DIY Portable Sound Systems

This zine provides how-to instructions for constructing a basic, low-cost, highly portable (as in sling it over your shoulder) sound system for demos, parties, or whatever. A tried and tested method, but it surely could be vastly improved upon as the author is not an expert. This zine is excerpted from the Engineering Social Justice and Peace zine, (Re)Construct Vol.  read more »

This is not a manifesto: Towards an anarcho-design practice (2011 version)


If graphic design is understood as the expression and reflection of a particular set of values, systems and interests, then most artistic practice today tends to express the interests of the class that controls and profits from society. It is these interests that dominate the standards of value in design, defines its emphasis, and excludes its more subversive, egalitarian alternatives.  read more »

Science Fiction, Utopia, and the Radical Imagination


Second issue of Red River Radical
Cynicism, hope, and experimentation in genre fiction has always been an important part of Leftist culture. Taking a look at anarchism, feminism, and anti-colonialism in sci fi and contemporary sci fi's lack of living up to much of any standards.

Poland, 1983, January, Committee in Support of Solidarity Report No. 10-11

Committee in Support of Solidarity Reports
Issue No. 10 and 11
January 24, 1983

In This Issue

From the Editor page 1

The Spoils of War page 2

Official Statistics on Solidarity's Resistance and Repression

The Institutionalization of Martial Law page 3

If Martial Law was suspended, why do so many laws incorporate the same repressive measures?  read more »

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