Animal Farm by George Orwell

When the animals take over the farm, they think it is the start of a better life. Their dreams are of a world where all animals are equal and all property is shared. But soon the pigs take control and one of them, Napoleon, becomes the leader of all the animals. One by one the principles of the revolution are abandoned, until the animals have even less freedom than before.

Ask First!

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A zine about consent & sexual assault. Resources for survivors, supporters, and perpetrators.

affective disorder - journal of common notions - spring 10

ablsh yr slf

[affective disorder [in the spring of a still-born decade]]

a friend once said:
no revolution is going to be generated
out of systemic
or structural laws.

we are on our own, and what we do
we have to do for ourselves.
we are the denizens
of a strange epoch,
the ‘given’ in a surreal situation.

while knowledge of space and time has been democratized, the
modes of inhabiting them (the modes of being) are controlled
more intensely than ever before. while sharing of information
is ubiquitous, understanding and love appear empty at best – at  read more »

Barack Obama Made Me an Anarchist

whoever they vote for, we are ungovernable

february 2010: the story of my personal/political journey...

to read on your computer, download "obama made me an anarchist"

Recipes for Disaster - Non-Monogamous Relationships

Recipes for Disaster - Non Monogamous Relationships-1.jpg

These pages are scanned directly from the crimethINC Ex. Worker's Collective book "Recipes For Disaster" which is copyright free (as if that mattered to me!). It contains only the chapter on Non-Monogamous Relationships.

Infinite Relationships: Relationships without bounds or boundaries, love without limits, without ends


This is a re-made version of the older zine, "Infinite Relationships", about open relationships/polyamory. The older version that's online ended up looking worn and photocopied, so I typed up the text, created a new layout, added some resources for further reading, explained where the zine originated, and made a new front and back cover. Enjoy, distribute, and discuss with your communities!

entarchy distro

Anthrophogical Study About the Nekulturita People

Study about the Nekulturita-1.jpg

This introduction is, so to speak, an instrument that intends to make clear, nothing more nothing less, that this is a non-scientifically politically partial and contradictory study, endowed with a very interesting purpose, that is to rub in the face of who feels its face being rubbed, that there are possibilities to not conform with the relational, philosophical, political, cultural, esthetical, corporal, mental and orgasmal misery and decadence that lives human civilis, with its sick relations, colonizers and colonized, relations full of games that are typical from the last religious traditi  read more »

Dealing With Our Shit: Six Years of Men's Group and Accountability Work


This zine is by Dealing With Our Shit, a men's group for men and male-identified people from the Twin Cities who later took on the task of mentoring other males through accountability processes for sexual assault. It's over 100 pages of interviews, reflections, and analysis about their history, their experiences, and their effectiveness. A great resource for anyone interested in working on community response to sexual assault outside the prison/court system. Lots of art, too!

Download at: (7.42 mb)


(large file, beware!):  read more »

affective disorder @ new school

from plans for new 65 5th avenue

affective disorder @ new school

[neo]liberal arts && broken hearts

the empire strikes back...  read more »

Wasted Indeed


Anarchy and Alcohol

Fiddle Faddle #1 - a new anarchist zine for deviants and sexual libertines


Fiddle Faddle is a publishing collective of British anarchist communists hoping to explore the politics of alternative sexual identity and gender. We hope to provide a range of content from light-hearted articles, artwork, DIY guides and theory.

In this issue:

- Manifesto of the Sodom Liberation Army (the importance of being deviant)
- Pegging - a users guide
- DIY Shibari
- When do we fuck?
- Interview with Anarkink
- What is anarchism?

If you would like to be involved in the next Fiddle Faddle email: sodomliberationarmy(at)

Arms and the Woman


“Jeanne Charles” was the pseudonym of Françoise Denevert. This article, under the title La critique ad mulierem, originally appeared in the journal Chronique des Secrets Publics (Paris, 1975). This new translation by Ken Knabb supersedes the 1975 version included in Public Secrets.

text from here:

puttingthesexybackinfeminazi at riseup dot net

Don't Be A Dick


DON'T BE A DICK is a zine about masculinity, rape, porn, and consent.

We Are All Survivors, We Are All Perpetrators // What To Do When...


“To broach these questions is not to deny that there is such a thing as sexual assault, nor to defend it as acceptable behavior. On the contrary, it is to demand that we acknowledge that we live in a rape culture: a culture in which sexual assault is pervasive, as are the forces and dynamics that promote it. Sexual assault is a part of all of us who have grown up in this society; we cannot ignore it, or pretend that because we ourselves have been assaulted or because we work to live anarchy in all aspects of our lives that we are not capable of sexual assault.  read more »

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