Insurrectionary Anarchism

Killing King Abacus nos. 1 & 2

Killing King Abacus 1-1.jpg

Full .pdf scans of issues #1 and 2 of Killing King Abacus, an insurrectionary anarchist journal from the earrrly 2000s.  read more »

British Anti-Roads Documents


A smattering of documents from the height of the British anti-roads struggle in the 1990s. Useful history and context for a too-often bit of history that helped inform anti-globalization rioting, eco-defense in North America and elsewhere, squatting across Europe, and indigenous solidarity projects.  read more »

Rebellion Against Infrastructure


A suite of texts from issues #1 and #2 of A Murder of Crows. Together, they lay out a an insurrectional anarchist strategy for opposing capitalist planning not with the specialized tools of Earth First! style protest, but the potential of generalized rebellion.  read more »

do you have any plans for after the revolution?


The first of a series of anarchist personal ads.

Witch's Child, The

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In the spirit of the coming May, "The Witch's Child" in zine form.

Blocage, Occupation, Grève sauvage : un recueil de connaissance tactique pour é et autres



La formation de bandes : Une tactique dans le but d’accroître nos forces et notre autonomie
Occupation: un guide Do-It-Yourself
Les universités comme espaces de subversion
Culture de la sécurité
Conseils pour les manifestations
Pourquoi porter un masque?
Les bombes de peinture
Lectures supplémentaires

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back: a collection of tactical knowledge for students and others



The Formation of Crews: A Tactic in Expanding Our Strength and Autonomy
Occupation: a do-it-yourself guide
Universities as Spaces of Subversion
Security Awareness
Street Demonstration Tips
Why Wear a Mask?
Paint Bombs
Further Reading

Letter to a Gender Rebel

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"If our victimhood and our isolation is all we share, then we have lost already. But for those of us who share a desire to refuse to play their games and their proper roles, in is in the course of fighting back against this society that we will find each other, and truly never be alone."

Not Yr Cister Press

God Only Knows What Devils We Are | IEF


From the Introduction (courtesy of Crimethinc)  read more »

You Are not Durutti, But We Are Uncontrollable: Beyond a Critique of Non-Violence

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"Thus, our movement is nihilistic, in that it is a conscious negative force that attacks the existing order as a means of demolishing the dictatorship of capital. Yet, at the same time it is also a positive material force – that while destroying the separations between us, it communizes the means of existence in the same breath.  read more »

2.4 km in 12 min

"A war is run.
We run, both in offense and defense.
When you can't run, it's time to die."
-Seven Samurai

Winter is waning and spring will be a scorcher. And it's not just global
warming. People all around the globe are fired-up and looking to create a
better future. Are you and your affinity group ready for the warm, sunny days
ahead?  read more »

Oakland Solidarity Poster


Posters in solidarity with the Oakland Commune; display far and wide for all to see. One is color and 11X17, the other is B&W and 8.5X11.

Sea Charts: The NDAA and Insurrection


Read no more odes my son, read timetables:
they’re to the point. And roll the sea charts out
before it’s too late. Be watchful, do not sing,
for once again the day is clearly coming
when they will brand refusers on the chest
and nail up lists of names on people’s doors.
Learn how to go unknown, learn more than me:
To change your face, your documents, your country.  read more »

When Should You Shoot a Cop?


"Basic logic dictates that you either have an obligation to LET “law enforcers” have their way with you, or you have the right to STOP them from doing so, which will almost always require killing them."

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