Insurrectionary Anarchism

What are Anarchists? by Alfredo M. Bonanno


Also Japanese version

Women and the Subversion of the Community


"We must discover forms of struggle which immediately break the whole structure of domestic work, rejecting it absolutely, rejecting our role as housewives and the home as the ghetto of our existence, since the problem is not only to stop doing this work, but to smash the entire role of housewife."
- Mariarosa Dalla Costa & Selma James, Italy, 1971

folktales: paradise apocalypse

folktales2009 book-1.jpg

Folktales from past and future, as written by Tom Smith and Myra Eddy, plus others. Poetry, art, and stories.

An excerpt from the intro:  read more »

Gender Trouble

Gender Trouble Book-1.jpg

"There is no original or primary gender a drag imitates but gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original"

Enjoy the J Butts friends

Some whores and hooligans.

Disorderly Conduct #5


Spring 2002

revoltingly yours,

the "Bring on the Ruckus" Society

Download at: (22 mb)

affective disorder - journal of common notions - spring 10

ablsh yr slf

[affective disorder [in the spring of a still-born decade]]

a friend once said:
no revolution is going to be generated
out of systemic
or structural laws.

we are on our own, and what we do
we have to do for ourselves.
we are the denizens
of a strange epoch,
the ‘given’ in a surreal situation.

while knowledge of space and time has been democratized, the
modes of inhabiting them (the modes of being) are controlled
more intensely than ever before. while sharing of information
is ubiquitous, understanding and love appear empty at best – at  read more »

Riots in Greece, The and The Insurrections to Come


Originally appearing in the Spring 2009 issue of Rolling Thunder. This zine contains the entire article: the timleine, an analysis, and an interview with participants of the riot.

Following the police killing of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in downtown Athens, Greece was wracked by weeks of unprecedented rioting. Anarchists and students, supported and often joined by signifcant swaths of the population, clashed with police, destroyed corporate and
government property and occupied government buildings, trade union offices, and media outlets, not to mention universities.

Politics Is Not a Banana: Number 3 [screen]

The Institute for Experimental Freedom announces a brand new Politics Is Not a Banana! We didn’t fall off—we’re back and more IGNORANT than ever. It’s fucking ON with the state form and EVERYTHING ELSE! Now there are three different manifestations of Politics Is Not a Banana. That’s a lot of invariance for deviant black-clad whatevers like us! We’re quite pleased with our naughty little selves. But don’t call this our “third issue”—that would presume LINEAR TIME! No, let’s just call it like it is: A FORCE OF DESTABILIZATION AND DETERRITORIALIZATION.  read more »

Militancy Beyond Black Blocs. An Essay


by Teoman Gee

Disorderly Conduct #4


Fall 2001

an insurrectionary green-anarchist quarterly

Download at: (19.9 mb)

Para Matar al Hombre (Thoughts on patriarchy, technology, attack & feminism)


New text from the Northwest.

From the introduction:

"...It is the world outside of us and the world within our houses that I wish to devastate; it is the world of patriarchy, inside and out that I want to make an end of, regardless of the (lack of) agency I possess. There is a strong need to act out, to be absurd, to forget political restraints or ideological chains, to burn the fear of being disregarded as single issue. That said I have no regret for my emotion, quiero fuego..."


We Are the Crisis: a report on the california occupation movement


introduction to book "after the fall" including assembled UC occupation communiques

Tiqqun - Theory of the Young Girl - full


"Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl," Tiqqun, 1999-2001.

An english translation of Theorie de la Jeune-Fille recently appeared at

As 1) reading long work off blogs can be somewhat unpleasant and 2) someone else seems to be serializing a fancy illustrated version of this, I felt a simply typeset version of the whole text, suitable for reading or printing, might be appreciated.

It will print into a fat 88 page booklet.

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